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[PC]Save Game Tools, pfdtool 0.2.3 par flatz: Encryptez et recrypter vos sauvegardes

MessagePosté: Sam 1 Déc 2012 11:53
par Attila
imageflatz nous livre plusieurs outils permettant de décrypter et réencrypter les sauvegardes de jeux PS3, pfdtool, sfopatcher, secure_file_id_dumper.

Quelques infos sur les clés utilisées :
1. 'Syscon Manager Key' (syscon_manager_key): a constant key from a Syscon Manager.
2. 'PARAM.SFO Key' (param_sfo_key): a constant key used for PARAM.SFO entry.
3. 'Fallback Disc Hash Key' (fallback_disc_hash_key): a constant key used for discless PSN/SEN games.
4. 'Authentication ID' (authentication_id): an additional constant key.
5. 'Console ID' (console_id): your unique console identifier.
6. 'Secure File ID' (secure_file_id): per a game file, almost the same for all files of the game, specified by a game developer (used to encrypt save game files and to hash their content).
7. 'Disc Hash Key' (disc_hash_key): per a game disc or a constant key for PSN/SEN games (used to hash a file entry). You need to use an original game disc and extract it from the disc. For PSN/SEN games they used a fallback disc hash key. 'Disc Hash Key' hash is not verified by PS3 so you can omit this key.

Si jamais vous voulez juste convertir une sauvegarde d'une PS3 vers une autre PS3, vous aurez juste besoin de "console_id" ainsi que quelques clés trouvable sur PS3DevWiki.

pfdtool 0.2.3
- Added an option to specify the relative offset to advance each time while bruteforcing a secure file ID.

sfopatcher 0.2.0
- Now the tool doesn't copy PARAMS and SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY parameters. Use new options if you want them.

pfdtool 0.2.2
- Now encrypt and decrypt operations update hashes automatically (be sure to use all keys!).
- Fixed another issue with the file size of modified files.
- Removed a verbose flag because it is not used at the moment.

pfdtool 0.2.1
- Fixed issues with the file size.

pfdtool 0.2.0
Support of PARAM.PFD for trophies (without keys, of course)
Support of PARAM.PFD v4 which used in a newer SDK
Fixed a bug with verify operation on signature hashes
Now you can use a list of product codes delimeted by '/' (slash), for example: [BLUS31142/BLES01403], they should use the same disc hash key and secure file IDs
Show an information about .PFD type and version

The format for 'global.conf' is different. Please add these changes to your files:
1. Add a new parameter called 'user_id' which set the user identifier (the same number as used in your home folder: /dev_hdd0/home/[user_id]/)
2. Add a new parameter called 'keygen_key'. Open 'Talk:Keys' page on the PS3DevWiki and search for string 'KeygenV4'
3. Rename the parameter 'param_sfo_key' to 'savegame_param_sfo_key' (see below)
4. There a bunch of new keys for trophies: 'trophy_param_sfo_key', 'tropsys_dat_key', 'tropusr_dat_key', 'troptrns_dat_key', 'tropconf_sfm_key' and they are not public so left them as XX.

; Global settings


Also I noticed that some of you use a kernel swapping feature in the REX firmware. Don't forget to use your current (!) console ID. For example, if you made a save game on a DEX then you need to specify a DEX console ID.

Attention! Some game developers (for example, creators of Metal Gear Solid 4) uses a custom additional encryption layer for their save files. In these cases you need to reverse-engineer the game itself.

1. Paste your console specific data inside 'global.conf'.
You need to paste your console ID (IDPS) and needed keys.
Open 'Keys' page on the PS3DevWiki and look into the 'Key lists - sc_iso module 1.00-4.00'. There is a 'Syscon Manager Key' at the #2.
Open 'Talk:Keys' page on the PS3DevWiki and search for strings 'Params' and 'Fallback key'. They are 'PARAM.SFO Key' and 'Fallback Disc Hash Key'.

2. Prepare required keys for the game and place them inside 'games.conf'.
You need these keys only to verify your .PFD file (it is an optional feature) or to play with save game data encryption.
So if you want only to resign a foreign save game then you need only your console ID and skip some hash updates by specifying some flags at 'pfdtool'.
For secure file IDs you can specify an exact file name or use wildcards to match a file name (for example, you don't need to specify the same key for all game files if the game uses the same key for all of them).
A disc hash key can be extracted only from an original game disc. For PSN/SEN games a fallback disc hash key is used. This type of hash is not verified by PS3 so you can omit its key but they can add a check in the future firmware versions.
So if you want to use 'Disc Hash Key'=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and 'Secure File ID'=YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for a save file named 'SAVE.DAT' and your game have a product code='BLZZZZZZZ' place them inside a config file:

3. Make a custom save game to use it as a pattern for 'sfopatcher'.
1) You may also need to patch a copy protection flag inside your PARAM.SFO because some games uses it:
sfopatcher patch <input PARAM.SFO> <output PARAM.SFO> --remove-copy-protection
After copying it to the PS3 you need to update a game cache. You have two solutions:
a) 'Rebuild Database' in the system recovery menu. Be careful with it because it can corrupt your file system in rarely cases.
b) Manually copy your save game to the corresponding folder by using a FTP client (for example, embedded in MultiMAN).
2) You need to patch a foreign PARAM.SFO with data from your PARAM.SFO (the tool uses your account ID, save parameters, optional title and description values):
sfopatcher build <foreign PARAM.SFO> <your PARAM.SFO> <patched PARAM.SFO>
If you also want to patch title and description use a command below:
sfopatcher build <foreign PARAM.SFO> <your PARAM.SFO> <patched PARAM.SFO> --copy-title --copy-detail

4. Import your optionally patched save game folder to 'pfdtool' and use it.
Make sure that you specify a game setting set (from 'games.conf') otherwise you will get some fails.
a) You will always get a 'Disc Hash Key FAIL' if you don't use a valid disc hash key. It is not important because it is not checked.
b) If you will get a 'Console ID Hash FAIL' then you use a wrong console ID.
c) If you will get a 'Secure File ID Hash FAIL' then you use a wrong secure file ID for a corresponding file.
You don't need to get a valid console ID for foreign save, just use your console ID and update a save game.
1) To list all entries from PARAM.PFD use a 'list' command:
pfdtool -l <save game folder>
2) To check the validity of PARAM.PFD use a 'check' command.
pfdtool -g <game setting set> -c <save game folder>
3) If you don't plan to modify save game files and you want only to resign a save game for your console then just use an 'update' command with a 'partial' update option:
pfdtool -g <game setting set> -p -u <save game folder>
4) If you plan to modify save game files then use an 'update' command without the option above:
pfdtool -g <game setting set> -u <save game folder>
5) To encrypt or decrypt specified save game files use 'encrypt' or 'decrypt' command:
pfdtool -g <game setting set> -e <save game folder> <file1 file2...>
pfdtool -g <game setting set> -d <save game folder> <file1 file2...>
6) To bruteforce a secure file ID use a 'brute' command along with the .ELF file from the game and specified decimal offset (I recommend to specify an offset of data segment which is usually started at 70-80% of the entire file):
pfdtool -b <save game folder> <elf file> <starting offset in decimal> <file1 file2...>
Bruteforcing a secure file ID takes a lot of time because it is based on hashing of the game file. The larger the file size, the longer the wait. And bruteforcing don't guarantee that you will get a secure file ID because it can not be specified in the plaintext inside an ELF file.

Once again, if you want to easily resign a save game (as publicly known commercial tools does) you just need to place your console ID and use the command:
pfdtool -p -u <save game folder>

I also recommend to use my 'Disc Key Dumper' (incorrectly named because it is a disc hash key really) and 'Secure File ID Dumper' to dump keys directly from the memory of a game. But they are written for 3.55 CFW. I will port them to the 4.21 soon.

I will be glad to see if someone will write a batch script for automate the process or a GUI application because I have no time to do it personally.
Also will be nice if someone will create a centralized storage of game setting' sets to find keys there.
In the future the tool needs to be improved for error handling because it is poor at the moment. I will plan to improve it in further versions.

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