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[NEWS]OpenPS3FTP 4.1: Serveur FTP sur PS3

MessagePosté: Dim 5 Fév 2017 15:51
par Attila
imageOpenPS3FTP est le 3eme homebrew serveur FTP destiné à la PS3. Celui-ci est codé par jjolano.
Avec lui vous pouvez télécharger ou modifier le contenu de la PS3 à distance via un client ftp du type filezilla.


Vous devez vous connecter avec l'utilisateur root et le mot de passe openbox.

[Version 4.1 - February 4, 2017]
- Removed support for APPE command (in favour of REST + STOR)
- Fixed MKD response format.
- Implemented a new simple UI.
- Source can now be compiled as a PSL1GHT static library.
- Source can now be compiled as a CELLSDK static library.
- Implemented asynchronous IO writing. May improve stability in some cases.
* By default, this is disabled. You can toggle this using the command "AIO".
* Transfer speed is slightly reduced in this mode, hence disabled by default.
- Implemented internal IO caching. May improve performance in some cases.
- Improved single-file transfer performance compared to previous versions.
- Slightly improved transfer performance when using multiple connections.
- Implemented additional error checking to prevent potential crashes.
- Fixed a long-standing bug that caused the network stack to crash when
performing a large number of data operations in a short amount of time.
* This bug apparently exists on all current FTP homebrew servers.
* Can be tested by constantly refreshing a directory listing to flood the
server with LIST commands. Eventually, the server will crash due to
a large amount of leftover network sockets created.

[Version 4.0b - January 22, 2017]
- Implemented libsysfs and experimental async IO writing support
- Fixed QUIT not implemented

[Version 4.0a - January 22, 2017]
- Improved memory handling
- Fixed a potential memory leak when connecting/disconnecting

[Version 4.0 - January 22, 2017]
- Full and proper rewrite with C++.
- Attempts to mount dev_blind on launch, and unmount it upon exiting the app.

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