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[NEWS]HABIB 4.81 v1.02 (Starbucks avec Cobra 7.50)

MessagePosté: Lun 2 Jan 2017 14:21
par Attila
imageHABIB met à jour son CFW 4.81.


Habib 4.81 v1.02
- c00 without license
- possible bug fix when downloading pkgs
- cobra 7.50
- sc 870 patched(get_idps) sony blocked in 4.55, no more using lv2 peek etc to get idps xD
ps2 with config:
place your config where your iso is and name it iso_name+".CONFIG"
support for classics with encrypted config remains
grab some from:
and ... fficial.29

Cobra 7.50
1.modules can be updated, no more hash update needed
2.ps2 iso decrypted config support
3.allow ps2 netemu on bc with cobra opcode 0x1ee9
4.stealth extension now disables sc15 as well
ps2 netemuu on bc and semi-bc ps3:

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