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[NEWS]PS3 CFW 4.75 FERROX 1.00

MessagePosté: Mer 17 Juin 2015 12:53
par Attila
imageLe CFW Ferrox par Alexander, déjà connu pour le CFW 4.66 est maintenant disponible en CFW 4.75


Recommandation des auteurs : Il est recommandé, après une installation réussie d'un custom firmware, de faire les actions suivantes :
- Restore File System (Recovery)
- Rebuild Database (Recovery)


Built-based OFW 4.75
Disabled the CoreOS and control ECDSA
LV1: patched to remove the protection LV2
LV1: patched CoreOS Hash Check (prevents brick from the console downgradate not dehashed)
LV1: Peek & Poke
LV2: Peek & Poke
Compatibility PS2 Games
Compatibility PSP Remastered
Compatibility PSP Minis
Key 4.75 (start games with keys 4.70 EBOOT / sprx)
PSN / SEN Enabled.
RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
BT Remote PS3 patch
PS3 BluRay DISC patch
Compatibility with the latest version of REACTPSN
App_home / PS3_GAME *
Install Package Files *
Ability to Downgrade from OFW 3:55 with QA activated.
Upgradable from any CFW's
Support XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
Support Remote Play Feature
Stability as nell'OFW 4.75
Ability to downgrade from any custom firmware with QA activated.

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