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[NEWS]PSNPATCH v4.70.05 - spoof consoleid, disable cfw, RAP2RIF

MessagePosté: Dim 15 Mar 2015 22:09
par Attila
imagePSNPATCH est un homebrew qui fournit diverses fonctions aidant à vous protéger du ban du PSN. Depuis la version 2, Psnpatch inclus également le plugin de WebMAN, avec les patchs qui lui sont associés.

Version 4.70.05 15/MAR/2015
psnpatch plugin updated to faster start-up (when locking psn access);
non-cobra plugin-manager updated: faster, safer, smaller and firmware independent (4.XX CEX past and future);
psnpatch deletes app_home from xmb in cobra but NOT in non-cobra (needed for discless start);
source code updated.
psnpatch pkg file was optimized once again: un-install psnpatch and reinstall new version to benefict from the small size.

It has always been a major objective of psnpatch to be made firmware version independent.
This will guarantee that once a new firmware is released, we wouldn't need to wait for KW to release a new psnpatch version as the one already available would be compatible.
Almost everything was made this way: From the CFW disabling, to the IDPS spoofing, passing trough plugin compatibility or rap installs.
The plugin manager for non-cobra WAS not YET like this: A payload for every firmware version was needed.
With the new changes NOW included in 4.70.05,
PSNPatch will "patch" the payload to the currently running firmware version, hopefully making it "firmware independent" as all the other functions.

Some users asked for a ISO loading in non-cobra.
This is not impossible, in fact, loading MAMBA for the job at start-up is easy and works.
But, it does not make sense in psnpatch scope:
Plugin loading in non-cobra firmwares opens the door for non-cobra firmwares to load plugins at boot,
like psnpatch plugin (for things like auto block psn and disable cfw from XMB)
or even a lightweight version of webman to load folder format games.
From here, plugins developers can do whatever they fit appropriate.
In my opinion, what is offered for non-cobra is already very nice.
When we want ISO, NET loading, PS3MAPI, and whatever more we can get from cobra ... we go for cobra

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