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[NEWS]webMAN v1.43 et webMAN-MOD v1.43.13: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW   

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[NEWS]webMAN v1.43 et webMAN-MOD v1.43.13: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW

Messagepar Attila » Lun 26 Oct 2015 12:07

imagewebMAN mod a disposé de beaucoup de mises à jour ces derniers temps ... pas mal de changements ont eu lieu.

Image Image

Version 1.43.13
Fixed a few bugs related with file names using unicode characters (utf8)
Added a wait dialog for Refresh XML, Refresh HTML and Copy Folder on the webGUI
Fixed the slider (the pkg included by mistake a mobile.html used for local testing)
Fixed a small display bug with the KLIC auto-logger

Version 1.43.12
Added proper support for auto-play /BDISO and /DVDISO
Change: Auto-play option can be disabled temporarily holding L2 while mounting (formerly also R2)
Added option to disable temporarily [online] tag holding R2 while mounting.
If the [auto] tag is not used, holding L2 while mounting will enable temporarily the auto-play option.
If the [online] tags is not used, holding R2 while mounting will the remove syscalls.
Added option to pause/continue/toggle rsx processor. e.g. /browser.ps3$rsx_toggle
Screenshot of XMB now supports optional path. e.g. /browser.ps3$screenshot_xmb/dev_hdd0/xmb.bmp
File Manager now will show , or on dev_bdvd with a link to play the disc
/delete.ps3?uninstall now also removes the files of VSH Menu for webMAN and custom combos
Reduced file size of some VSH Menu backgrounds

Version 1.43.11
FYI this is a fixed release
Auto-Play (via combo R2/L2 during mount, setting in /setup.ps3 or [auto] tag in files or folders)
Auto-disable syscalls via [online] tag in file names
Custom combos (/dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_custom_combo)
Added log parameter to /klic.ps3 (saves klics into /dev_hdd0/klic.log)
Block FW update URL (added support for custom /dev_hdd0/ps3-updatelist.txt - use with caution)
Added command /browser.ps3$block_servers
Updater: Fixed re-enable Cobra when installing on Rebug

webMAN MOD will support the re-definition of up to 12 combos, overriding their default behavior by creating the following files in the folder /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_combo/:

wm_custom_r2_square // default: block online servers
wm_custom_r2_triangle // default: disable syscalls
wm_custom_r2_circle // default: show IDPS / Abort copy / Abort fix game / enable in-game screenshot (if VSH is not patched)
wm_custom_select_square // default: toggle gameDATA
wm_custom_select_triangle // default: reserved
wm_custom_select_circle // default: unmount disc image
wm_custom_select_l1 // default: mount _prev last game
wm_custom_select_r1 // default: mount _next last game
wm_custom_l2_r2_circle // default: open file manager in ps3 browser
wm_custom_l2_r2_r1_circle // default: open game list in ps3 browser
wm_custom_l2_r2_l1_circle // default: open /cpursx.ps3
wm_custom_l2_r2_l1_r1_circle // default: open /setup.ps3

prepNTFS 1.11
Added support for folders with [auto] tag

Version 1.43.10
Added more wait time after disc eject. It seems to solve the issue that I had unmounting PS2ISO.
Changing the fan mode from dynamic to manual, there was a delay of 0.5 secs while dynamic fan control was checking the temps. If the mode was changed to manual, after the delay the fan control could change it back to another random value.
The VSH Menu now uses much less CPU. The frame display now uses cached values refreshed at different intervals, instead of get them on each frame (~12 times per second). CFW version is loaded once, temps are updated every 3 secs, devices are updated every 6 secs, ip address and payload type are updated once every time the menu is enabled.
Improved pad response when VSH Menu is on, keeping the same frame rate (~12Hz).
Updater Russian & Italian lang files
The installed plugins are now compiled without WEB_CHAT flag.
Fixed "PS2 fan mode". Also this mode now is shown in SELECT+START and /cpursx.ps3
/unloadprx.ps3?prx= now allows partial name or plugin id (e.g. /unloadprx.ps3?prx=VSH_MENU)

New features:
In addition to the combos to open the browser directly from XMB, the new /browser.ps3 command and the 2 new menu options in VSH Menu.
This build adds the combo L2+START to quickly launch the mounted game (disc icon) while being on XMB (no matter which column or option you have selected)
Once a game is mounted via html, if you click on the displayed icon the game will be launched on the PS3. This is nice to start the game once it's mounted from your mobile This option uses the new command /play.ps3
Added support for explore plugin commands using /browser.ps3$
Added /play.ps3 to launch XMB Functions (e.g: /play.ps3?col=network&seg=seg_premo) <- this will start Remote Play server from XMB.
Added /klic.ps3 to dump game KLicensee
Added 2 backgrounds theme in Vsh menu (thanks jriko)

Some examples of the new features are:
/klic.ps3 (in-game)

run these while you're on XMB:


The new combos are:

L2+R2+O -> /
L2+R2+L1+O -> /cpursx.ps3
L2+R2+R1+O -> /index.ps3
L2+R2+L1+R1+O -> /setup.ps3

They can be disabled unchecking the combo: SHOW IDPS : R2+O on /setup.ps3

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