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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.45.09: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW   

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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.45.09: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW

Messagepar Attila » Mar 10 Jan 2017 13:33

imageWebMAN mod se met à jour

Image Image

Version 1.45.09
PKG HANDLER, PKG LAUNCHER & MOUNT_ROMS now are standard features in all editions
Restored LaunchPad feature to FULL edition
Removed redirection of custom FW update returning to XMB (fixes the error 80028E01 accessing PSN; thanks to Joonie)
Added option to mount PS2ISO with ps2_netemu on B/C consoles using Cobra 7.5
(use the tag [netemu] in the file name or add ?emu=ps2_netemu whem mounting a PS2ISO)
Added free space graphic for /dev_flash on File Manager
Mount /app_home or /dev_bdvd now perform unmount
Added disable CFW syscalls: 15, 202, 20
Fixed detection of firmware version for 4.81 DECR
Fixed exclusion of NTFS games with parenthesis ").ntfs[x"
Added PKG with rebugification & metalification themes by Berion
VSH Menu now installs 2 new background themes by Berion
Updated ps3netsrv build 20170106

Version 1.45.05
Added support for 4.81 DEX
Added support for the optional PKG Launcher
Added support for mounting /GAMEI games
Added support for scanning & mounting /ROMS and subfolders
Added ROMS category to game lists XMB & HTML
Added support for display of localized title in PARAM.SFO
Added check to prevent deletion of XMB icon of external games
netclient & rawseciso threads now keep working after unload webman
LaunchPad top icons now use localized strings
Fixed external game data not auto-enabled with [gd] tag on ntfs
Fixed nonCobra edition not using mM's IEXP0_470.BIN on 4.81
Fixed default file name used for ISO created by /copy.ps3/net0/***PS3***/ or /***DVD***/
Fixed video rec combo required another combo enabled

Updated "vanilla" editions with support for 4.81 CEX

Merged wm_url_launcher & PKG Launcher projects
Updated libntfs_ext.a in prepNTFS (same version as IRISMAN)
Updated latest FW version in prepNTFS (used to skip fix games)

Note: Support for webMAN LaunchPad add-on has been removed in 1.45.05.

télécharger Télécharger webMAN v1.43 et webMAN-MOD v1.45.09: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW
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