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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.45.04: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW   

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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.45.04: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW

Messagepar Attila » Ven 9 Déc 2016 15:04

imageDean, auteur de MultiMan, nous présente webMAN. Ce plugin permet de lancer des backups de jeux PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP ainsi que des Blu-ray ou des DVD, stocké sur disque dur (y compris en NTFS) ou sur le réseau local, au format JB ou ISO, et ceci directement depuis le XMB ! Il met également un serveur FTP et WWW à disposition en arrière plan.
[email protected] et Aldostools proposent une version MOD de webMan, apportant notamment le support de 21 langages utilisant des fichiers externes, un installer/updater pour CFW Cobra et NonCobra, le spoof IDPS/PSID, la désactivation des syscalls du cfw, et de nombreuses autres choses encore.

Image Image

Version 1.45.04
Added support for 4.81 DEX
Added support for the optional PKG Launcher
Added support for mounting /GAMEI games
Added support for scanning & mounting /ROMS and subfolders
Added ROMS category to game lists XMB & HTML
Added support for display of localized title in PARAM.SFO
Added check to prevent deletion of XMB icon of external games
netclient & rawseciso threads now keep working after unload webman
LaunchPad top icons now use localized strings
Fixed external game data not auto-enabled with [gd] tag on ntfs
Fixed nonCobra edition not using mM's IEXP0_470.BIN on 4.81
Fixed default file name used for ISO created by /copy.ps3/net0/***PS3***/ or /***DVD***/
Fixed video rec combo required another combo enabled

Updated "vanilla" editions with support for 4.81 CEX

Merged wm_url_launcher & PKG Launcher projects
Updated libntfs_ext.a in prepNTFS (same version as IRISMAN)
Updated latest FW version in prepNTFS (used to skip fix games)

Version 1.45.02
Added support for CFW 4.81 CEX
webMAN LaunchPAD: now sort by game type (can be disabled)
webMAN LaunchPAD: fixed icon for .ntfs[BDFILE]
Fix toggle Cobra on non-Rebug CFW running full edition

Version 1.45.01
What's new

?? New USER/ADMIN security mode: ??
Added the new combo L2+R2+TRIANGLE to toggle USER/ADMIN mode (disabled by default)
Several functions will be limited while the plugin is in USER mode, including:
Access to /dev_blind, FTP server, ps3mapi, delete, copy, show IDPS, file manager, virtual pad...
Added /admin.ps3?enable&pwd=<pwd> to change mode
Added pwd=<pwd> parameter to the web commands:
/setup.ps3, /install.ps3, /download.ps3, /restart.ps3, /shutdown.ps3, /browse.ps3

Added option to mute SND0.AT3 of mounted game when disc icon is selected on XMB ??

Added option to prevent auto-power off on ftp, install, download (except on Lite edition)
(in previous version the option was enabled through USB polling)

Added web command /md5.ps3/<file> to full edition.


Fixed PSP games not mounted due fail copying icon ??

Fixed fan controller paused during PKG installation via combo ??

Fixed Remove SingStar Icon (thanks to bguerville)

Fixed option Remove SingStar Icon couldn't be changed

Fixed dup. games listing on full edition if remote net server is unavailable

Changes & improvements

Mounting from XMB now always close folders (even if autoplay is off) ??
(This option can be disabled unchecking PLAY DISC combo)

Some system combos now work only on XMB (e.g toggler cobra, rebug togglers) ??

Fixed /net games not listed in Last Game list of File Manager

The LED on the console now always blink while game is mounting

Added 3 seconds timeout to ps3netsrv connections

Changes in other components:

Fixed crash still happening on ps3netsrv (Windows version) ??
VSH Menu 1.12: Fixed not loading VSH menu after install a pkg from VSH menu's File manager

télécharger Télécharger webMAN v1.43 et webMAN-MOD v1.45.04: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW
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