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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.41.35: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW   

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[NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.41.35: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW

Messagepar orwel » Dim 29 Mar 2015 11:17

imageAldostools continue d'améliorer son MOD de WebMan. Depuis la version 1.41.29, les derniers ajouts concernent principalement le merge avec la dernières version du ps3mapi, la mise à jour de langue, l'amélioration de la détection de la version des CFW, ainsi que de nombreuses corrections de bugs. Retrouvez l'ensemble de ces changements dans la suite de l'article.

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Changelog WebMAN MOD :

webMAN MOD 1.41.35
- Fixed issue scanning games on English editions
- 'Fix game' now patches the game update if it is installed on hdd0.
- Fixed new firmware detection using syscalls introduced in 1.41.32
- Fan control is restored to SYSCON mode when the plugin is unloaded, only if fan control is disabled or PS2 speed is <33%
- Removed non-working code for custom CD sector size on netiso

webMAN MOD 1.41.33
- Reverted firmware detection to the method used in 1.41.31 (and before).
New method was not detecting DEX properly.
- Removed ps3mapi syscall when the plugin is unloaded
- libfs.sprx is now external for nonCobra/CCAPI
- Updated Russian language (thanks to Danzel87)

webMAN MOD 1.41.32
- Updated German language & added webMAN_DE.xml (Thanks to Bashl0r)
- Added support for /dev_sd, /dev_ms, /dev_cf (the scanning options are disabled by default, and they will not be visible on /setup.ps3 unless you have a card inserted)
- Added support to recognize game cover from file names in "Open PS2 Loader" style ( Thank to @xntrzcc for the suggestion
- Added display of title ID (when it's available on the file name) if the option is selected.
- Changed the way fan control mode is restored when the plugin is unloaded or when a PS2 game is mounted.
- Set fixed fan speed for PS2 Classic
- Disable dynamic fan control while PS2 settings are in effect
- classic_ps2 is also available on non-Rebug editions >4.65
- Display MAC Address now use a syscall (Thanks to EvilNat)
- Firmware detection requires less offsets (thanks to EvilNat)
- Added forced unmount before shutdown
- Fix game version use alternative offset if value is not value.
- Moved all idps/psid offsets to detect_firmware()

webMAN MOD 1.41.31
- Fixed issue generating broken XML when some content types are unchecked
- Fixed regression mounting last games
- Removed spoof idps/psid & remove syscalls from Lite edition.

webMAN MOD 1.41.30 (2015-03-10)
- Merged ps3mapi updates to webMAN MOD (2015-03-10) by _NzV_ (commit d12ca0f)
- Commented CD sector detection for PSX iso on ps3netsvr (only 2352 is supported)

webMAN MOD 1.41.30 (2015-03-09)
- Merged ps3mapi updates to webMAN MOD (2015-03-09) by _NzV_ (commit b70eb37)
- CSS: Improved display on FireFox for Android.
- CSS: Fixed no-wrapping description on index.ps3
- Display current IDPS/PSID when no spoofing in /setup.ps3.

webMAN-MOD v1.41.35 :
télécharger Télécharger webMAN-MOD v1.41.35: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW Officiel : Source :
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Re: [NEWS]webMAN-MOD v1.41.35: Backup depuis le xmb et serveur FTP/WWW

Messagepar Attila » Dim 29 Mar 2015 12:16

merci !
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