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[NEWS]Universal Media Server v5.1.0 : Stream multimédia pour PS3   

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[NEWS]Universal Media Server v5.1.0 : Stream multimédia pour PS3

Messagepar Attila » Lun 23 Mar 2015 16:54

imageUniversal Media Server est un fork (une modification) du projet PS3 Media Server, et permet donc de lire plein de formats vidéo et audio sur votre PS3, en utilisant votre PC/MAC comme serveur de diffusion (stream).
Ainsi, vous ne serez plus limité au petit nombre de formats reconnus par la PS3.

Version 5.1.0
Added 64-bit versions of FFmpeg for a ~10% increase in transcoding speed
Removed the "Save" button since changes to settings are now saved automatically
Improved detection of playback states
Improved connection awareness
Improved True Motion frame interpolation speed by up to 20%
Improved folder population speed
Improved support for 3GPP files
Improved descriptions of settings
Slightly altered the memory usage bar
Fixed the renderer SeekByTime setting
Fixed renderer detection and recognition in some cases
Fixed display names for videos that have the Track (song title) value set
Fixed incorrect ContentFeatures headers being sent to renderers (thanks, master-nevi!)
Fixed the web logviewer
Fixed bugs with 3D subtitles
Fixed the setting for using embedded subtitles styles

Fixed filename bug on Sony Bravia TVs
Improved support for LG LED-backlit LCD 2014 TVs
Improved support for Samsung H6203 TVs

Made more strings translatable
Updated Czech translation
Updated Dutch translation (thanks, ler0y!)
Updated French translation (thanks, Kirvx!)
Updated Italian translation (thanks, bartsimp!)

External Components:
Updated Chromecast Java API to 0.0.6
Updated Commons Codec to 1.10
Updated FEST Util to 1.2.5

Updated FFmpeg for Windows and OS X, which:
Improved support for many containers and codecs
Fixed bugs
Updated Gson to 2.3.1

Updated h2database to 1.4.186, which:
Fixed memory issues
Fixed caching issues

Updated InterFrame to 2.8.0, which:
Increased processing speed by up to 20%
Reduced memory use
Reduced dependencies
Updated JDom to 2.0.2
Updated JUnit to 4.12
Updated Plexus Utils to 3.0.21
Updated slf4j to 1.7.10

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