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[NEWS]Universal Media Server v3.0.0 : Stream multimédia pour PS3   

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[NEWS]Universal Media Server v3.0.0 : Stream multimédia pour PS3

Messagepar Attila » Lun 4 Nov 2013 18:11

imageUniversal Media Server, le lecteur multimédia pour PS3, se met à jour et passe en version 3.0.0 stable, après plusieurs alpha et bêta .

Universal Media Server est un serveur multimédia UPnP DLNA-Compliant.
Version 3.0.0
Added support for muxing (losslessly streaming) more files with tsMuxeR by default
Added support for sending subtitle streams (without transcoding) to more devices
Added more information to our debug logs
The "Clean Install" option on Windows removes the program directory
The server logo displays on more renderers
The wizard defaults to "no" for DTS streaming by default for compatibility
A status message is displayed while UMS is checking the MPlayer font cache
MPlayer/MEncoder is no longer included in the Linux builds
Fixed FFmpeg web videos on Linux and OS X
Added renderer config option DisableMencoderNoskip
Made the use of acodec in CustomMencoderOptions safer
Videos work when tsMuxeR is the only engine enabled
Fixed a bug where VLC would include unwanted subtitles
Fixed MIME types in some situations
Fixed (hopefully) a duration/seeking bug
Fixed the video resuming feature
Code optimizations to run faster
Added support for LG 42LA644V TVs (thanks, khmelnov.roman)
Added support for Samsung mobiles (Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Note 2, and Note 3)
Added support for Panasonic TX-L32V10E TVs
Updated notes on Philips PFL (thanks, ler0y!)
Updated support for Bravia W series TVs (thanks, flux131)
Updated Samsung AllShare logo
Updated Czech translation
Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
External Components:
Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for Windows to 7u45, which:
Improves security
Updated tsMuxeR for Windows to 2.0.6b, which:
Improves muxing speed
Improves stream standards compatibility
Fixes E-AC3 support
Adds support for DTS-express audio

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Re: [NEWS]Universal Media Server v3.0.0 : Stream multimédia pour PS3

Messagepar crash251 » Lun 4 Nov 2013 22:12

Merci pour la new
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