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[NEWS]RetroArch v0.9.7: Emulateur multi plate formes   

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[NEWS]RetroArch v0.9.7: Emulateur multi plate formes

Messagepar Attila » Dim 26 Aoû 2012 21:59

imageRetroArch est un homebrew qui contient les émulateurs SNES9x Next, FCEUmm, Final Burn Alpha, Gambatte, Genesis Plus GX, VBA Next, et PrBoom et vous permet donc de jouer à plein de machines rétro différentes.

Image Image

RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight and portable. It has features few other emulator frontends have, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading.

Version 0.9.7
A new major release is out. It has been quite some time since 0.9.6 so the change log will be very condensed.

Consoles is where most of the work has happened. Squarepusher, ToadKing (Wii) and freakdave (XBox1) have done tremendous work to provide RetroArch on two new platforms, Wii and XBox1 (I guess it's still not dead tongue). While RetroArch ran on Wii earlier, it is now actually usable.

A concrete change log would be too long, for more detail, please read through the 800+ git commit log wink

RetroArch's core has received many minor changes. Mostly to accomodate console improvements, but some visible changes for PC users have also made it in.

- Raspberry Pi port [ToadKing] (Linux, but requires custom drivers)

- Screenshots are now taken from GPU backbuffer if possible. This means screenshots with shading effects for GL/D3D.
- Screenshots are now compressed with png if compiled in. bmp fallback still exists.
- Changed default screenshot key to F8.

- D3D9 plugin was updated. It is available in redist.
- Quickbuild build system (Linux/OSX/Unix) was greatly refactored [tukuyomi].
- System directory was added. This is a directory which libretro implementations can use to load BIOSes, load/store system specific data, etc. RetroArch/Phoenix will now warn a user if this isn't set correctly.
- libretro implementations can now use ARGB8888 pixel format if supported by frontend. RetroArch PC ports supports this, but not on consoles for performance reasons.
- Add 'null' drivers. These are used to do initial builds on new platforms without drivers.
- Screensaver will be temporarily disabled on Linux if xdg-screensaver is present [ficoos].
- RetroPad has been upgraded with two analog sticks. The joypad abstraction is now equivalent with a PlayStation 1 DualShock controller. Mostly currently useful for Mednafen PSX core.
- DualAnalog can be enabled with --dualanalog/-A flags.

- Add fixed-point sinc resampler. This allows resampler to remain fast on architectures with very slow FPUs. It will not be faster on modern CPUs.

- Command interface has now been extended to allow use from stdin as well if enabled. This means a frontend can issue commands directly without use of hotkeys. It is also possible to use from a shell.
- RETRO_KEYBOARD abstraction added. libretro implementations can now query the keyboard state directly. Mostly useful for systems that have a real keyboard.

- Matrix calculation routines in GL drivers are now written from scratch. This is to enable use of GLES at a later time, which does not support fixed-function stuff.
- Add more test cases to libretro-test, the small test implementation of libretro.
- Games with FPS significantly above monitor FPS will now force RetroArch to disable vsync.
- H264/RGB recording support is now always built in if FFmpeg is built in. ./configure --enable-x264rgb is no longer needed.

télécharger Télécharger RetroArch v0.9.7 RC1 : Emulateur multi plate formes officiel :!/libretroTwitter officiel :!/libretro :
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