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[NEWS]PSNPATCH v4.60.01 - spoof consoleid, disable cfw, RAP2RIF   

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[NEWS]PSNPATCH v4.60.01 - spoof consoleid, disable cfw, RAP2RIF

Messagepar Attila » Ven 25 Juil 2014 17:17

imagePSNPATCH est un homebrew qui fournit diverses fonctions aidant à vous protéger du ban du PSN. Depuis la version 2, Psnpatch inclus également le plugin de WebMAN, avec les patchs qui lui sont associés.

Version 4.60.01
Cobra version spoofer to 4.60 updated: fixed broken ps2 emulator when version is spoofed (*); cobra core updated to directly support new version spoofed files;
Raps and edats can now be installed from any path in drives usb000 to usb007 or dev_hdd0 (internal hdd);
Drive from where raps are installed can be dynamically adjusted from psnpatch by pressing cursor up/down keys;
Added additional optional configuration file location ( usb001 - left usb port - see docs and psnpatch.cfg example file);
Webman 1.30 updated for the "cobra-only" version (changed to ignore cobra version spoofing that is handled by psnpatch directly) - remove and install to update;
Many many code optimizations;

(*) Thank you Nathan_r32_69 and smhabib for directing me into the hascalc tool. (For a full list of changes read included documentation)

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