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[NEWS]PSNPATCH v1.06 - spoof consoleid, disable cfw, RAP2RIF   

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[NEWS]PSNPATCH v1.06 - spoof consoleid, disable cfw, RAP2RIF

Messagepar Attila » Lun 9 Déc 2013 13:06

imagePSNPATCH est un homebrew qui fournit diverses fonctions aidant à vous protéger du ban du PSN.

Les fonctionnalités sont un spoof de consoleid( IDPS) ou du PSID, une désactivation des syscall, une suppression de l'historique de lancement d'application ainsi qu'une fonction de signature de RAP en RIF.

Le Spoof et la désactivation des syscall est temporaire, jusqu'au prochain redémarrage.
L'homebrew devrait être compatible avec tous les CFW 4.x.

Version 1.06
New vsh plug-in to auto boot with cobra 7.0 systems (the "true-STEALTH" experience) (see footnotes);
Added support for aditional cobra syscalls (these are hard to find, but it is safer to disable them also);
If cobra is detected the current and spoofed Firmware version are displayed;
This version brings news for Cobra 7.0 users. Other CFW users DO NOT NEED to update as ALL PREVIOUS PSNPatch VERSIONS are compatible with EVERY 4.XX versions (even 4.53).


You can execute the app directly after install.
This will allow you to remove cfw syscalls and delete execution history.
Removing syscall will simulate a official firmware version improving protection level against PSN bans.
Note that after doing this, some homebrew programs (like multiman) will refuse to execute.
Just mount the game backup you want BEFORE using PSNPATCH to disable cfw.
After CFW is disabled you can play the mounted game backup but cannot mount another one.
This "cfw disabling" will only be active until next ps3 reboot.

Press ::triangle:: - 3 beeps will inform of the cfw removal success.


If you want to spoof idps and psid, you need to the edit the PSNPATCH.cfg file
(see example).PSNPATCH will scan 2 locations in the following order:
1.) /dev_usb000/PSNPATCH.cfg
2.) /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/PSNPATCH.cfg"

Press ::croix:: just to spoof both idps and psid.
Press ::l1:: to do a "ALL IN ONE": Spoof idps and psid, disable cfw syscalls and delete execution history.
3 beeps will inform of the success disabling cfw.


When PSNPATCH starts, it will search for the first valid user account (usually it will be '1', but it can be a different value).
Place RAPs and/or EDATs in the folder configured in PSNPATCH.cfg (usually /dev_usb0/exdata/ in a usb stick placed on the right most ps3 port).
Press - a log will be displayed on-screen listing the processed games by file type
Note 1: Advisable not process more than 20 files at the same time.
Note 2: Once the RAPs and EDATs are installed, you can remove them form the USB stick.
Note 3: RAPs and EDATs are installed in one user account but available to all users.
Note 4: RAPs are installed with the current IDPS (original or spoofed) and will only work with that IDPS active !
Note 5: EDATs are IDPS independent.


If you don't want the user interface, just execute PSNPATCH and keep pressed ::l1:: or ::triangle:: until 3 beeps or get back to the XMB.

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