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[NEWS]PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.52 par Aldos   

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[NEWS]PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.52 par Aldos

Messagepar Attila » Jeu 13 Déc 2012 11:34

imageAldos (ou Aldostools) nous présente sa collection d'outils destinés au hack de la PS3.
Leur utilité va de la modification de sauvegardes, la gestion de Multiman ou bien le brute force de clés de jeux PS3.

Voici la liste des outils et de leur fonction (c'est une longue liste :D ) :
Bruteforce Save Data 1.2.2 updated 2012-12-12!
It's a frontend for flatz save data tools. It finds the keys of several games in seconds and let you resign your saved games.

mmRAS 01.00.00 new 2012-12-12!
multiMAN Remote Access Service client lets you browse multiMAN's graphical user interface from a PC. Requires multiMAN 04.15.00 or higher version.

PS3 Cheats Editor 2.3.3 updated 2012-12-8!
Edits the cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat). Allows export/import cheats to the database in text and binary formats. 3.55 CFW is required.

PKG ContentID 1.9.3 updated 2012-11-24!
It's a tool for view quickly the ContentID of a PKG. It also manages several file associations for a seamless integration with Windows Explorer. Please read the readme for details.

mmDM 02.04.01 - [DEX Game Mounter] updated 2012-11-21!
It's a remote game mounter for PS3 DEX consoles. Requires the ProDG Target Manager to work. A x64 version is also available here. It works fast and seamlessly with multiMAN 04.06.02+ (DEX) thanks to the excellent job of andbey0nd and deank!!!.

PARAM.SFO editor updated 2012-11-06!
It's a tool to edit PARAM.SFO files (from PS3 GAMES, SAVE DATA, PSP, etc.) and the PARAM.SFX files created by "Create PS3_EXTRA" (see it below).

BdEmu Partitions Tool 01.05.05 new 2012-10-20!
It's a tool to manage the size of the partitions of HDD formated for BDEMU, used by PS3 development consoles. It allows to create up to 255 partitions (if your HDD has the capacity), rename partitions and extract BDEMU files. BDEMU partition can be resized to use only the space allocated by the slots.

PS3 Keys 1.5.4 new 2012-11-23!
It's a tool to edit, verify and create the .ps3 keys in binary format.

PS3 Game Updates 3.0 updated 2012-11-04!
This application download PS3 game updates and patches. The 'error 70' is already fixed.

mmTM_GUI 1.5.0 updated 2012-11-23!
It's a tool that verifies, pack and unpack multiMAN's theme files (THM).
(supports drag & drop of THM file, THM file as command line, browse for THM file)

PS3 PSARC GUI 1.1 updated! 2012-09-11!
It's a graphical user interface to view, extract or create psarc archives.

PS3 FTP Client 2.9.7 updated 2012-09-10!
It's a full FTP client that allows remote access to your PS3 via a PC. It is still a WIP and some features are not complete. Currently the main feature is the PS3 file ripper via FTP. Other features include: file description, view cover image for selected folder, multiMAN remote commands, etc.

XMB Manager+ 0.22.003 (mod) updated 2012-10-02!
This is my modified version of the XMB Manager+ released by Team XMBM+. It has some new or different features and a different order of the icons. Requires to have installed the XMB Manager-flashed version for 3.55 Kmeaw.

PS3 Game Integrity 1.2 updated 2012-08-15!
This tool calculates the MD5 or SHA-1 for a file or folder (and sub-directories) and generate a content.md5 file for future verification. If the content.md5 is present in the folder, the program reports if any file was deleted, added or changed. This tool is very useful to check if your game has missing or corrupted files due bad sectors, virus or cross-links (which are very common when an USB device is removed from the PS3 while it is turned on).

PS3RIP 1.2.1 updated 2012-08-15!
It's a tool that should help you gain some space on your external HDD, removing unnecessary files.

PS3 Tools Menu 1.0 new 2012-08-15!
It's a customizable application launcher. Use it to organize your tools, links and folders.

PS3 File Splitter 1.3 updated 2012-08-15!
Split files larger that 4GiB to fit in USB drives formatted with FAT32. It also can join the splitted files, and copy directories containing large files.

PS3_DISC.SFB edit 1.1 new 2012-08-15!
It's a quick way to edit the title id of PS3_DISC.SFB. I was tired of use an hex editor for that :)

Create PS3_EXTRA 1.1 updated 2012-08-15!
This tool scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder, its PS3_UPDATE folder, PKGDIR or PS3_CONTENT, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure. It scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder or its PS3_UPDATE folder, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure. When a game is mounted with multiMAN, there will be 2 BD icons on the XMB: one disc for the game itself and another with PKGs, MP4 and P3T. It should make it easier to install the game patches, DLC, fixes, and related videos.

PS3 NET Server GUI 1.0
It's an improved GUI for the PS3 NET Server (the PC side of multiMAN).
(hosts hide in system tray, remember last used folders, supports up to 10 hosts, white list, etc.)

TXT to Links.xml 1.1
It's a tool to convert text files with URL to links for the XMB Manager+ 0.22.003-mod originally released by Team XMBM+. All you have to do is put a text file with all the links (description and url in separate lines) and it will add the XML code to the Links.xml

renam 1.0
This tool, if copied to the GAMES or GAMEZ folder, will rename the games sub-folders from the default "BLUS00000-[Title]" format to "Title [BLUS00000]".

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