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[NEWS]IRISMAN v3.46: Gérez vos backups, vidéos et fichiers   

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[NEWS]IRISMAN v3.46: Gérez vos backups, vidéos et fichiers

Messagepar Attila » Mer 25 Mar 2015 17:05

imageIRISMAN par Aldostools est mit à jour.

Image Image


Version 3.46
- Updated Payload for 4.70 CEX
- 4.70 DEX support including MAMBA
- Fixed fan controller payload,
[however, it still has old audio glitching bug when using payload mode since the official IRIS, I personally recommend webMAN instead]

- Korean language support
- Fixed auto button swap, all previous IRISMAN used to execute read_settings() before read_from_registry();, which explains why it was not working properly without changing ini file, now it properly detects region setting from registry, and apply that "buttonAssign" setting to IRIS without changing setting.ini, this should make all Asian users happier Thanks again @aldostools for tips

Changelog 3.44 (Feb 24/2015)

Added support for cfw 4.70.
Added mamba payload for 4.70 by NzV
Added prx payload and prxloader 1.09 for 4.70 by NzV
Updated sprx_iso with a new Cobra payload that allows to load PSXISO CD with sectors sizes 2048, 2352, 2336, 2448

Changelog 3.43 (Feb 6/2015)
Fixed regression mounting of ISO.
Added support to make BDISO for non PS3 game folders.
Added scanning of RetroXMB movies (RXMOV*) stored on hdd0
Tweaked button speed for faster browsing of game list

Changelog 3.42 (Feb 4/2015)
File Manager: Added support to create Fake ISOs of NTFS files on "My Games" (XMB).
The feature requires webMAN MOD 1.41.17
.ntfs[BDFILE] is created on /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp for each selected file
To access the option: Make Fake ISO
select one or multiple PKG, video or non-ISO file on a NTFS drive in File Manager
press triangle and go to the last option (Mount + Exit to XMB)
press LEFT/RIGHT until it . shows "Make Fake ISO"
exit to XMB and the files should be listed under "Blu-Ray™ and DVD".

Changelog 3.41 (Jan 31/2015)
File Manager: Press triangle over a PKG on NTFS and mount it as /dev_bdvd.
Use Install Package Files from XMB to install the game without have to copy the pkg to HDD, saving time and space on hdd (no needing the double of free space to install games)
Any NTFS file can be mounted as /dev_bdvd (e.g. large pkg files, movies, iso, etc.)
Added quick fix mode (checking only the SFO to know if the game needs to be fixed)
Hold SELECT when selecting Test and Fix Games for full test/fix

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