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[NEWS]Gamesonic Manager v3.61: Gérez vos backups, vidéos et fichiers   

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[NEWS]Gamesonic Manager v3.61: Gérez vos backups, vidéos et fichiers

Messagepar orwel » Dim 29 Mar 2015 11:25

imageGamesonic Manager, par Orion est un fork d'Iris Manager (créé par Estwald). Ce manager est une alternative au célèbre Multiman de Dean. Comme tout bon manager, il permet la lecture de backup (ouf !! ;) ), ainsi que la navigation sur internet. Il propose également un explorateur de fichier, mais aussi un lecteur multimédia basé sur Showtime (photo / audio / vidéo).



Version 3.61
- Added payload 4.70 DEX.
- Added support startup of the games remotely on CFW Cobra or through the payload Mamba (Thanks aldostools).
- Updated the payload Mamba with the latest released by the developer nzv.
- Fixed bug that prevented the initiation and mode setting payload in Fan Control Utility.
- Code of Fan Control Utility cleaned.
- Toggle Cobra updated to support the CFW 4.70 HABIB Cobra 7.10.
- Toggle Cobra updated, now you also disable all plugins and category Webman Games.
- Changed detection method FW with that used by Webman MOD.
- Added detection code version or Patch Cobra Mamba (Thanks Joonie and Aldostools for the code).
- Fixed bug that prevented the automatic setting of the Console ID with one saved.
- Now the temperature in the various menu is updated in real time.
- FTP servers updated with the latest updates made by the developer in IRISMAN aldostools (thanks aldo).
- Music tracks reduced to 3 original Iris Manager.

Version 3.59.2
-Re-integrated Change PSID
- Fixed Several bugs in the Graphics Options Clearing-Copy-Test Game
- Re-integrated Option exchange Games folder by Iris Manager
- Fixed Bug that was going to fixare games on CFW 4.70
- Now When disassembling the Syscall games from the list is also deleted history

Version 3.59.1
- Fixed Bug in the patch recovery cobra
- Added message disabling syscall
- Fixed Payload 4.70 (thanks habib)

Version 3.59
- Fixed an offset in the payload 4.70 (thanks to Joonie).
- Fixed an offset for the change console id.

Version 3.58
- Added Support CFW 4.70
- Added Payload control fan 4.70
- Updated Change Console ID for CFW 4.70
- Updated Function Renaming Files Disc-Less for CFW 4.70
- Added fix for the error 8001003D
- Fixed Bug that caused crashes when you viewed a background image
- Visualization Of CFW centered in the Tools Menu

Image Image


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