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[NEWS]DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 - COBRA EDITION 7.05 - by darkjiros   

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[NEWS]DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 - COBRA EDITION 7.05 - by darkjiros

Messagepar orwel » Dim 29 Mar 2015 10:52

imageLe développeur darkjiros présente son nouveau custom firmware : DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 - COBRA EDITION 7.05 by darkjiros. Après les versions Cobra 7.02 et 7.03, l'auteur met à jour le Cobra en version 7.05. Ces changements portent sur des prises en charge supplémentaires pour les ISO PSX, des améliorations de synchronisation des manettes et un certain nombre de patch pour les ODE. Retrouvez le détail dans la suite du post.




1. Properly built from OFW 4.70
2. Install Package Files and App_Home
3. Patched LV0 to disable ECDSA check of CoreOS
4. Patched LV2 to add PEEK/POKE
5. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection
6. Patched LV1 to add PEEK/ POKE
7. Games signed with keys up to 4.70 Supported
8. Can be updated over ANY CFW.
9. Can be updated over 3.55 OFW
10. RSOD bypass
11. ReactPSN Offline patch added
12. PSP Remaster / Minis supported added
13. QA FLAG Enabled by Default if it was previously applied
14. Enhanced Remote play with PC
15. In Screen game shot patch
16. 100% Cinavia Protection Fully Disabled
17. COBRA 7.05 Added
  • Re-added spoof code into Stage2 And add other code [This won't enable PSN but prevents FW updates in the future when spoof is enabled by COBRA]
  • Dean's permission fix to improve game compatibility with COBRA payload
  • PS2 Rebug Holder R2 Support (Habib's workaround)
  • PS3 MAPI Support (Nzv's)
  • PSNPatch stealth mode (KW's)
  • Stage0 base payload added
  • reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed)

COBRA 7.05 Added

Additional PSX ISO Types supported
PS2 ISO controller sync issues on non-BC improved
Updated NzV ps3mapi to v1.2.0
Issue with new ODE Patches while COBRA is disabled has been fixed (games with updates refuse to run)
Cobra ODE Support (No swap Disc)
mmCM 04.66.10 Perfect support (800xxxxx Error does not appear any more.)
reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed)
PS1NETEMU is now used as default for all ps3 models.

Test video

PS3MAPI Connection test

PS2ISO DS3 Wireless Test (PS2 Rebug Holder R2)

DARKNET CEX 4.70 CORBA - PC to PS3 Remote Test



Test Screen shot

100% Cinavia Disable test

PS3MAPI connection test

Gamesonic Manager - v3.59.2 test

Irisman 3.45 test

MMCM 4.66.01 test (Cobra 7.02 & 7.03)

PS1 ISO test

PS2 ISO test

PS2 Classic test

PSP ISO test

PSP Remaster test

PS3 to PC Remote Play test

Credits and Special thanks

BlueRabbit (I received a very big help in finding the offset.)
Unknown Cobra USB dev (Biggest thanks for open sourced projects of COBRA)
Joonie (Help with Setting up Compilation environment for CELL SDK )
Habib (PS2 workaround / Cinavia reversing)
Mysis (Cinavia reversing)
Team REBUG (CFW reverse engineering)
Nzv (PS3 Mapi Source)
KW (PSN Patch Source)
chipwelt ( (admin) - CECHA00/C04/2004A console was a test)
Aldo Vargas, Deank, All forum members of and Darkiris.NET (Firmware Test)


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