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[HB]ScummVM 1.8.1: Des jeux Point & Click sur PS3

Messagepar Attila » Lun 30 Mai 2016 11:17

imageVoici ScummVM pour PS3, un interpréteur de plusieurs jeux du type Point & Click: Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max etc.
Il s'agit d'une version officielle compilée pour PS3.

Image Image

Version 1.8.1 (2016-05-25)
New ports:
- Added Nintendo 3DS port.
- Added Android SDL port.

- Removed TESTING flag from several supported games.
- Added Chinese Pinyin translation.
- Fixed cursor stuttering in the launcher that occured on some systems.

- Fixed game restart.

- Fixed sound effect loading.

- Fixed text alignment to be faithful to the original.
- Fixed character walking off screen.
- Fixed loading savegames in the Pendulum scene.
- Fixed wrong background for inventory items during chapter 6 in the
Spanish version.
- Fixed animations speed (they were running two times slower than in the
original engine).
- Fixed noise at start and/or end of speech. This was most noticeable
with the Spanish speech.
- Fixed delay when interacting with the verb menu and the inventory.
- Fixed possibility to pick up the axe in the castle multiple times.

- Fixed lock up for some games during sound initialization.

- Fixed potential crash when using swamp snake potion on the rat in Hand
of Fate. (NOTE: This fix was included in version 1.8.0, but it was not
added to the NEWS file).
- Fixed missing voice reactions when hitting enemies in CD version of
Lands of Lore.

- Fixed lock-up during ending sequence.
- Improved internal game controls.
- Fixed lock-up during some in-game animations.

- Fixed user interface colors in the French and German versions of I Have No
Mouth and I Must Scream.

- Make cursor workarounds work properly on OpenPandora (and other devices, that
support touch screen and analog sticks/mouse at the same time)
- Script patch to fix broken ending battle in multilingual King's Quest 5
(French, German + Spanish versions are all broken)
- Fixed invalid memory access, when loading broken King's Quest 5 credit music track
- Fixed lowres/hires issues in King's Quest 6 when saving, changing the lowres/hires
setting and restoring the saved game afterwards.

- Fixed detection of Maniac Mansion from Day of the Tentacle in the Windows
version of ScummVM.
- Fixed a sound effect not stopping in Loom EGA with AdLib.

Broken Sword 2.5:
- Added option to use English speech instead of German one when no speech is
available for the selected language.
- Fixed resource releasing on game exit.
- Fixed game restart after language change in-game.
- Fixed flickering in main Menu.
- Fixed long save time on Windows.

Windows port:
- Fixed bug in MIDI device listing affecting cases where MIDI devices were
not usable.

Mac OS X port:
- Dock menu for ScummVM now lists recently played games when ScummVM is
not running and allows starting those games.
- Enabled Sparkle application updater.

GCW0 port:
- Improved support for built-in ScummVM documentation.

Version 1.8.0
New Games:
- Added support for Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender.
- Added support for Sfinx.
- Added support for Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands.
- Added support for Zork: Grand Inquisitor.
- Added support for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the
Serrated Scalpel.
- Added support for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose
- Added support for Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity.
- Added support for Amazon: Guardians of Eden.
- Added support for Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars.
- Added support for The Labyrinth of Time.

New Ports:
- Added Raspberry Pi port.
- Added GCW0 port.

- Updated Munt MT-32 emulation code to version 1.5.0.

- Alt-x no longer quits ScummVM. Use Cmd-q/Ctrl-q/Ctrl-z instead; see README.
- On POSIX systems we now follow the XDG Base Directory Specification for
placement of files for users. This effectively results in new locations
for our configuration file, our log file, and our default savegame path.
We still support our previous locations. As long as they are present, we
continue to use them. Please refer to the README for the new locations.
File locations on Mac OS X are not affected by this change.

3 Skulls of the Toltecs:
- Improved AdLib music support.

- It is now possible to disable mouse support (except for Amiga versions
and fanmade games, that require a mouse).
- Fixed PCjr sound volumes.
- Major rewrite of graphics subsystem.
- Support for Apple IIgs, Amiga + Atari ST transitions, fonts and mouse
cursors. The Atari ST 8x8 system font is not included with ScummVM.
- Added ability to make for example a PC version look like an Apple IIgs
version. This includes palette, cursor, transition and even font. Just
set corresponding render mode.
- Fixed Apple IIgs game versions running too fast.
- Added support for automatic saving/restoring used by Mixed Up Mother Goose.
- Removed forced two second delay on room changes; replaced with heuristic.
- Fixed certain key bindings breaking after saving/reloading.

- Fixed arpeggio effect used in music of Amiga version of Elvira 1.
- Fixed loading and saving progress in the PC version of Waxworks.
- Fixed verb area been removed in Amiga versions of Simon the Sorcerer 1.
- Added Accolade AdLib & MT-32 music drivers for the games:
Elvira 1, Elvira 2, Waxworks and Simon the Sorcerer 1 demo.
- Added Simon the Sorcerer 1 AdLib output. This vastly improves the AdLib
output and makes it closer to the original.

Broken Sword 1:
- Fixed Macintosh version speech when running on big endian systems.
- Fixed loading from Main Menu in bull's head scene, and maybe other scenes.

- Added support for music in CD version of Future Wars.

- Improved AdLib music support in Return to Zork.

- Improved AdLib music support.

- Handling of music priority has been greatly improved.
- A lot of fixes for original game script bugs that also occurred when
using the original interpreter. This affects the following games:
KQ6 (Dual Mode), LSL5, PQ1, QfG1 (EGA), QfG1 (VGA), QfG2, QfG3, SQ1,
SQ4 (CD).
- Restoring from the ScummVM in-game menu should now work all the time.
- Improved support for Japanese PC-9801 games.
- Default to hi res version of KQ6, changeable using engine option.

- Major improvements to Korean versions text rendering.
- Implemented original Maniac Mansion v0-v1 walking code.
- It is now possible to play Maniac Mansion from within Day of the
Tentacle, with a few caveats. See README for details.
- Alt-x can now be used to quit SCUMM games on all platforms.
- Improved lip sync animation in later HE games.

- Improved AdLib music support in Discworld 1.

Version 1.7.0
A year has passed and ScummVM 1.7.0 is here.

With this release we have added support for 5 completely new games. These are:
The Neverhood
Mortville Manor
Return to Ringworld
Chivalry is Not Dead

Also, we have updated the MT-32 emulator, added an OpenGL backend, improved many aspects of the GUI, enhanced the AGOS engine, made Urban Runner's videos less CPU-demanding, fixed tons of bugs in dozens of SCI games, improved sound in Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and improved platform portability for the Tony and Tinsel engines.

But this is not all. We have added experimental support for the OUYA console (we couldn't add GCW-Zero support simply because sev still awaits his console from Kickstarter), made major improvements to the PS2 port and merged the Bada with Tizen ports.
New Games:
- Added support for Chivalry is Not Dead.
- Added support for Return to Ringworld.
- Added support for The Neverhood.
- Added support for Mortville Manor.
- Added support for Voyeur.

- Updated Munt MT-32 emulation code to version 1.3.0.
- Switched from our custom JPEG and PNG decoders to libjpeg(-turbo) and
libpng, which are faster and can handle more images.
(NOTE: The change to libpng was done in version 1.6.0, but it was not
added to the NEWS file).
- Added generic OpenGL (ES) output (based on GSoC Task).
- The GUI can now be rendered in 32-bits.
- The build system has been changed to be more modular and easier to add new

- Added OpenGL graphics mode based on our generic OpenGL output. This
allows for arbitrary output sizes. However, it does not support special
filters like AdvMAME, HQ, etc.

- Added mouse wheel support for inventory and save game lists.
- Enabled verb name display in Simon the Sorcerer 2.
- Fixed the Feeble Files loyalty rating in the English 4CD version. (This
was apparently a bug in the original game. It is currently unknown if
other versions still have the same problem.)

Broken Sword 1:
- Added back support for MPEG-2 videos.

Broken Sword 2:
- Added back support for MPEG-2 videos.

- Added an option to enable "Color Blind Mode" to the ScummVM GUI.

- Improved video quality in Urban Runner.

- Added an option to toggle "Gore Mode" from the ScummVM GUI.
- Fixed bug that could cause the music to stop prematurely.

- Fixed several rare crashes and glitches.
- Fixed multiple bugs carried over from the original binary.

- Added support for the more detailed RAVE lip syncing data in the Windows
version of King's Quest 6. Portraits should now be much more expressive
when talking.
- Added support for simultaneous speech and subtitles in the CD versions
of Laura Bow 2 and King's Quest 6 (toggled either in-game with the new
"Dual" audio state, or via the ScummVM audio options).
- Fixed music fading.
- Fixed several script bugs in Camelot, Crazy Nick's, Hoyle 3, QFG1VGA, KQ5,
KQ6, LB2, LSL2, LSL5, Pharkas, PQ1VGA, SQ4, SQ5.
- Improved the MIDI parser so that music event processing is done more

- Changed the saved game naming scheme of HE games to always contain
the target name.
- Fixed having multiple coaches in Backyard Football.
- Improved AdLib support for Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
This makes sound effects like, for example, the typewriter and waterfall
in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sound like in the original.
- Added support for the Steam versions of Indiana Jones and the Last
Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Loom and The Dig. Both
the Windows and the Macintosh versions are supported.

- Savegames in Tony Tough now work on big-endian systems.

- Discworld 1 and 2 no longer crash on big-endian systems.

Android port:
- Added experimental support for the OUYA console.

PS2 port:
- Added configurable TV modes: NTSC and PAL.
- Added configurable graphics modes: SDTV progressive, SDTV interlaced, EDTV
progressive and VESA.
- Added a configuration option for the HDD partition used.
- Added a configuration option for the IP address used.
- Added a configuration option to toggle USB mass storage.

Tizen port:
- The BADA port has been merged/updated into Tizen.

Version 1.6.0
New Games:
- Added support for 3 Skulls of the Toltecs.
- Added support for Eye of the Beholder.
- Added support for Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon.
- Added support for Hopkins FBI.
- Added support for Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths.
- Added support for The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime.
- Added support for the Macintosh version of Discworld 1.

- Added a new save/load chooser based on a grid of thumbnails. This is only
supported for resolutions bigger than 640x400. The old chooser is still
available and used for games without thumbnail support. It is possible to
select the old one as default too.
- Rewrote VideoDecoder subsystem.
- Added Galician translation.
- Added Finnish translation.
- Added Belarusian translation.
- Using the mouse wheel on a slider widget now changes the value by the
smallest possible amount. This is more predictable than the old behaviour,
which was to change the value by "one pixel" which would sometimes not
change it at all.
- Updated MT-32 emulation code to latest munt project snapshot.
- Added FluidSynth settings dialog, mainly for reverb and chorus settings.
- Fixed crash on certain Smacker movies.

- Improved audio support for Amiga and AtariST versions of Future Wars.
Now music fades out slowly instead of stopping immediately. Sound
effects are now properly panned, when requested by the game.

- Soltys contains a puzzle requiring the ALT key to be pressed while clicking
on an object. This puzzle has been disabled on devices not using this key.

- Resolved multiple UI issues with the original save/load screen.
- Added advanced savegame functionality, including savegame timestamps and
thumbnails and the ability to load and delete savegames from the launcher.
It's now possible to use the ScummvM save/load dialogs.
- The F7 key (previously unmapped) now always shows the ScummVM load screen.
The F10 key displays either the original save/load screen, or the ScummVM
save screen, if the user has selected to use the ScummVM save/load

- Now that the game is freeware, there is a small extra help text showing
the available commands in the in-game terminals when the player uses the
'help' command. Previously, players needed to consult the manual for the
available commands. Since this reference to the manual is a form of copy
protection, this extra line can be toggled by the ScummVM copy protection
command line option.

- Simplified the movie speed options, and added a custom option for The 7th
Guest. Movie options are now "normal" and "fast", with the latter changing
the movie speed in T7G to match the faster movie speed of the iOS version.
The game entry might need to be readded in the launcher for the new setting
to appear.

- Added music support for the Macintosh version of I Have No Mouth and, I
Must Scream.

- Implemented Monkey Island 2 Macintosh's audio driver. Now we properly
support its sample based audio output. The same output is also used for
the m68k Macintosh version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
- Improved music support for the Macintosh version of Monkey Island 1. It
now uses the original instruments, rather than approximating them with
General MIDI instruments, and should sound a lot closer to the original.
- Added sound and music support for the Macintosh version of Loom.
- Handle double-clicking in the Macintosh version of Loom.
- Major bugfixes in INSANE (the Full Throttle bike fights).

- Added support for Enhanced Music by James Woodcock

Version 1.5.0
New Games:
- Added support for Backyard Baseball 2003.
- Added support for Blue Force.
- Added support for Darby the Dragon.
- Added support for Dreamweb.
- Added support for Geisha.
- Added support for Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon.
- Added support for Magic Tales: Liam Finds a Story.
- Added support for Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood
- Added support for Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage.
- Added support for Soltys.
- Added support for The Princess and the Crab.

- Updated MT-32 emulation code to latest munt project snapshot. The emulation
improved dramatically.
- Implemented support for TrueType fonts via FreeType2 in our GUI. Along
with it GNU FreeFont was also added to our modern theme. Note that not all
ports take advantage of this.
- Added Basque translation.
- Added custom game and engine options in the AGI, DREAMWEB, KYRA, QUEEN,
SKY and SCI engines. It is now possible to toggle these options via the
Engine tab when adding or editing a configuration for a game. In most
cases, you will have to run each game once or readd them all in ScummVM's
launcher in order to get the custom options tab.
- Improved predictive dialog look.
- Various GUI improvements.

Broken Sword 1:
- Fixed incorrect sound effects in the DOS/Windows demo.
- Added support for PlayStation videos.
- Fixed missing subtitles in the demo.

Broken Sword 2:
- Added support for PlayStation videos.

- Implemented Roland MT-32 output driver.

- Added Spanish subtitles in the Von Braun cutscene (#3069981: no subtitles
in scene with "von Braun").

- Fixed a crash in Lost in Time
- Rewrote the AdLib player. Enabled the now working MDY player in
Fascination and Geisha.

- Added support for the Macintosh version of SPY Fox in Hold the Mustard.
- Added a difficulty selection dialog for Loom FM-TOWNS.
- Fixed graphical glitches in HE98 version of Pajama Sam's Lost & Found.

iPhone port:
- Changed "F5 (menu)" gesture to open up the global main menu instead.
- Added support for custom cursor palettes, this makes the moderm theme use
the red pointer cursor for example.
- Added aspect ratio correction feature.
- Implemented 16 bits per pixel support for games.

Maemo port:
- Added support for Nokia 770 running OS2008 HE.
- Added configurable keymap.

Windows port:
- Changed default savegames location for Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7.
(The migration batch file can be used to copy savegames from the old
default location, to the new default location).

Version 1.4.1
- Fixed loading videos directly from InstallShield cabinets in the Windows version of the The Feeble Files.

- Added support for Enhanced Music by James Woodcock (

Broken Sword 2:
- Slight graphics improvement for PSX version.

- Fixed bug in the original Lands of Lore GUI which made ScummVM error out in the case the user did not have a contiguous save slot usage.
- Add support for original DOS Lands of Lore save files (also applies to save files made with the GOG release).

- Fixed race condition in SCI1.1 palette changes. This fixes an error in QFG1VGA, when sleeping at Erana's place.
- The option to toggle sound effect types between digitized and synthesized has been disabled until a more user-friendly GUI option is possible. Digital sound effects are always preferred for now.
- Fixed a case where starting a new song didn't fully reset its channels, thus some notes sounded wrong.

Version 1.4.0 (2011-11-11)
New Games:
- Added support for Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos.
- Added support for Blue's Birthday Adventure.
- Added support for Ringworld: Revenge Of The Patriarch.
- Added support for the Amiga version of Conquests of the Longbow.

New Ports:
- Added PlayStation 3 port.

- Fixed the ARM assembly routine for reverse stereo audio.
- Added support for building with MacPorts out of the box.

- Implemented sound support for the DOS version of Winnie the Pooh in the
Hundred Acre Wood.

- Implemented support for loading data directly from InstallShield
cabinets in The Feeble Files and Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack.
- Fixed loading and saving in the PC version of Waxworks.
- Fixed music in the PC versions of Elvira 1/2 and Waxworks.

- Added support for the iOS version of The 7th Guest.

- Fixed crash when trying to talk and ask something at the same time.

- Added better handling of digital vs. synthesized sound effects. If the
"Mixed Adlib / MIDI mode" checkbox is checked, the engine will prefer
digital sound effects, otherwise their synthesized counterparts will be
preferred instead, if both versions of the same effect exist.

- Implemented PC Speaker support for SCUMM v5 games.
- Fixed priority bug in iMuse. As a result the AdLib music should sound
better, since important notes are not interrupted anymore.
- Implemented CMS support for Loom, The Secret of Monkey Island and
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
- Improved palette handling for the Amiga version of Indiana Jones and the
Fate of Atlantis.

Broken Sword 1:
- Fix freeze in Windows demo.
- Fix crash when using cutscene subtitles pack with the Macintosh version.

- Fixed deleting saved games from the list of saved games (from the launcher
and the in-game ScummVM menu).
- The US version of Discworld II now shows the correct title screen and
language flag.

Android port:
- Fixed plugins on Android 3.x.
- Moved the default saved game location to the SD card.

build 09
- Ajout de la zlib (MagicSeb).
- Les videos de Broken Sword 1 & 2 fonctionnent maintenant !

Build 08
- Correction des problèmes de son (The Secret of Monkey Island VGA 256 et surement d'autres jeux)
- Correction linear scaler pour les modes RGB ainsi que sur l'aspect ratio
- Ajout des librairies FLAC et OGG

Build 07
- Activation de l'overlay haute résolution et correction du curseur
- Correction du clavier - return est désormais possible
- Correction du crash au moment de l'intro dans BaSS

Build 06
- Création auto de pkg avec "make pkg" (à tester)
- Clavier virtuel activé (le layout sera refait plus tard)
- Activation du clavier avec R1 (si ne s'affiche pas automatiquement)

Modifications apportées par rapport au git de lousyphreak :
- Compilable avec SDK 3.41
- Dernière version de lure.dat pour lancer Lure of the temptress
- Scummvm.ini et les autres fichiers sont placés dans /dev_hdd0/game/SCUM12000/USRDIR au lieu de /dev_hdd0/scummvm/, cela permet de lancer correctement les jeux ayant besoin des fichiers de décryptage.

Version compilée avec le SDK 3.41. L'archive contient le PKG ainsi que les sources.

Build 05
- 99% des problèmes graphiques sont éliminés
- Jeux testés :

* Monkey Island 1 & 2 (FMTowns Version) fonctionnent, à part le curseur qui est cassé
* Monkey Island 3 fonctionne, quelques problèmes au niveau du son (skipping)
* Day of the Tentacle:fonctionne à 100%
* The Legend of Kyrandia (CD Version)fonctionne à 100%
* Beneath a Steel Sky (CD et disquettes) plante à l'intro, mais on peut la skipper
* Discworld fonctionne à 100%

Version compilée avec le SDK 3.41. L'archive contient la version homebrew pour Gaia Manager et un PKG.

build 04
- Corrections du problème des palettes, quelques bugs subsistent encore (lousyphreak)
- Compilé en SDK 3.41, le code modifié est disponible dans l'archive (Magicseb) officiel :
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