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[HB]PS3XPAD v0.8: Manette Xbox 360 sur PS3   

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[HB]PS3XPAD v0.8: Manette Xbox 360 sur PS3

Messagepar Attila » Lun 28 Déc 2015 20:59

imagePS3XPAD par OsirisX est un plugin prx pour CFW permettant d'utiliser votre manette Xbox 360 sur PS3.

Vous pouvez par exemple utiliser VSH PRX loader pour installer le fichier SPRX de PS3XPAD.

Ca devrait fonctionner en mode USB ou en mode sans fil.

Version 0.8
- fixed the remapping issues where the controller seemed buggy when it was enabled
- added custom and native driver input mode
- added VSH/In-Game menu
- added wireless DS3/DS4 support (needs usb BT adapter)
- added game compatibility modes (fixes GTAV & RDR)
- added multiple remap settings
- added user configurable settings file (xpad_settings.txt)
- added user configurable controller delay which sets response time of controller
- added auto game detection and attach to game proc
- added disconnect/reset all ports option
- added screenshot option

Version 0.7
This release includes support for third party PS3 controllers and Xbox S-type controllers (untested). Some PS3 controllers were blocked after firmware 3.50 which can now be re-enabled. I've also include remapping capabilities for buttons and sixaxis sensors. You will need to edit xpad_remap.txt to configure the remapping and press (START+SELECT+DPAD_RIGHT) to enable it. Controller LEDs can now be disabled by pressing (START+SELECT+DPAD_LEFT).

I'm also aware that some games like GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption do not work with the plugin. It's possible there are extra checks in the game to determine if the controller is a "virtual" type and only accepts standard PS3 controllers. I'm currently working to see if such checks can be bypassed

Version 0.6
Added Xbox One (wired) controller and Playstation DualShock 4 (wired) controller support. Only wired connection for now, might add wireless support later on. The DualShock 4 controller driver enables rumble and six axis support. It also increases compatibility of some games over the official driver. There is no trackpad support in this release but may possibly be added later.

Note: DS4 six axis sensors were about 4 times more sensitive than DS3s. I had to reduce it's sensitivity to make PS3 games compatible with the six axis. Also DS4 controller PID/VIDs are not hardcoded. You will need to have them in xpad_devices.txt. This gives the option to switch between official and unofficial driver when using the xpad plugin.

The install procedure is the same as my previous release

Version 0.5
This release includes rumble support for games. It will require a little more setting up so I will explain in detail on how to install and run xpad with rumble.

Also included in this release is the option to add custom xpad device PID/VIDs. Only the official Xbox controller and receiver PID/VIDs are hardcoded.
You will need to edit xpad_devices.txt for other devices.
Note: Not all third party controllers may work with this plugin. officiel :
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