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[HB]PS3Ultimate TV App v1.11 : Télévision et vidéos sur votre PS3   

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[HB]PS3Ultimate TV App v1.11 : Télévision et vidéos sur votre PS3

Messagepar Attila » Sam 8 Sep 2012 13:08

imagePS3Ultimate TV App est un homebrew PS3 permettant d'ajouter un menu permettant de regarder des chaines télé ainsi que des vidéos dans le XMB de la PS3.


Version 1.11
Ok everyone i have just updated my PS3Ultimate TV app to v1.11. I've also updated the installer, so please remove the version you have installed and install it using the updated installer. The update to v1.11 through the app. If there is any issues you find with this, such as anything missing off your XMB, please let me know. Also with this release I have added some applications in the Extra, PS3 XIL section, such as Netflix, YouTube For the PS3, LOVEfilm etc

I've also added some more TV shows and an extra theme, but please remember this is a work progress, so please let me know if your having problems and if anyone wishes to create some extra themes or have any suggestions please let me know by commenting here or on the PS3Ultimate TV blog. I have also updated the PS3Ultimate TV website so for more information go there.

Version 1.10
brings you more channels, more content (with more to come), a updated update section aswell as a package installer for the PS3Ultimate TV files aswell as the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and website and because of the installer as i have said all the files have been altered including the themes here is a link to the website please use the blog that's what it's there for and along the right hand side you will see info on how to make it appear better on the ps3 and a link to the install guide i have wrote which contains the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and the files for installing this manually the reason for that being that the installer currently doesn't work with cobra cfw so if you need to you can install the flash files manually with the multiman installable zip files which i've also updated so when installing this make sure if you have PS3Ultimate TV v1.09 or below installed to remove it by going into "Game Date Utility" and deleting it but all the information you need is on my guide so enjoy.

Version 1.09
ive updated most of the app from the themes to the movie links and movies ive also added a links section to tidy the main section up ive also added new content including ps3 xil for those who want to use it to add custom channels and tidy up the ps3's main xmb or if your cfw has removed them then they should be available again ive also changed the update to a direct link but most of my time and effort has been focused on the movies section i decided to release this update a little sooner than i was going to so remember im working on this everyday so keep checking for updates but remember it can be a slow process and im working alone so please be patient and if you have just installed this update remember to also download and install a theme so everything is upto date.

Version 1.08
added new channels
added HFS (more info below)
added/updated movies
removed icons from this and future updates to prevent overwriting theme
added "standard theme" so icons can be restored to normal

Version 1.07
added new theme
added 3 new channels
updated tv shows

Version 1.06
added tv shows section
added imdb section
added blog section
added new icons

Les chaines disponibles sont :
BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
4oD Player
RTE Player
Youtube Channel
Revision3 Channel
Crackle Channel
Blinkbox Channel
Project Free TV Channel
Antena3 Channel
ipla Channel
Plus 7 Channel

PS3Ultimate TV Installer.pkg officiel :
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