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[HB]Iris Manager 2.95: Manager basé sur HManager

Messagepar Attila » Mer 30 Déc 2015 11:53

imageVoici Iris Manager par Estwald, D_Skywalk et drizzt qui est un gestionnaire de backups (sur PS3) pour lancer vos jeux. C'est donc une alternative à Multiman plus légère.


Version 2.95
Fixed Iris ISO tools and PC (now generates MGS V iso correctly)
Fix Error 009 now works to firm 4.90 (for games over console firmware)
Added support for new firmware Mamba (@_NzV_ thanks), and added new firmwares supported LIC.DAT fix for the firmware 4.55 (thanks @Alexander, @Aldostools, Pelayin_5, Faxtron ...)

Version 2.93
Updated the ISO tools ( to raise the cap CFW version 4.50 to 4.60 in patchps3iso
A request Lustar (GameTDB) has introduced a new system to update the covers (covers) and Iris Manager now change the User Agent to "IrisManager - v2.93" on that server.
In the game updates the User Agent is changed also to simulate a PC
Added support (for Cobra / Mamba) for Bluray movies, DVD Video and MKV (using "BluRay Drive" on Showtime) in the category "Homebrew" (the Homebrew / PSN are listed first) and in the new category "Films" ( only movies are listed)

NOTE 1: As a reminder, pressing R3 / L3 access the various categories.

External drives * Supports NTFS, FAT or EXTx. Also hdd0.

* The bluray should be in the folder / BDISO, the DVD / DVDISO in root (as in Multiman). Allowed subfolders and JPG is supported with the same name as the ISO title page (eg my_film.iso -> my_film.jpg as cover). The display name is taken from the file itself, then it is recommended to edit it if it is too long or short descriptive.

* The MKV should go in the / root MKV. Allowed subfolders and JPG is supported with the same name as the MKV caratula (eg my_film.mkv -> my_film.jpg as cover). The display name is taken from the file itself, then it is recommended to edit it if it is too long or short descriptive. After selecting a movie, Showtime launches to reproduce, creating an ISO dynamically BDVD to associate with the unit.

NOTE 2: For films accessible SELECT options in other categories are not included.

NOTE 3: We have also made other changes to the code level, such as inclusion in main.h of tags that define the internal flags of the games / movies. I hope I have not screwed up in the translation code .

NOTE 4: In principle, the BDISO and support is included DVDISO thinking of those who have broken reader. Since we were, put MKV support (creating a dynamically ISO) if someone wants to include such films using covers. Showtime perfectly the movie play like this with your NTFS support and also allows you to navigate freely between directories: this is only for geeks

Version 2.86
- Amélioration graphique du GUI. Depuis le menu "Change Current GUI", vous pouvez sélectionner :
1) GUI0 - Iris Manager Classic (pas de covers). Pensez a changer la couleur pour choisir avec ou sans "flashing cursor"
2) GUI1 - Slide with animation (nouveau)
3) GUI2 - Iris Manager Classic avec covers.
4) GUI3 - Log no animation (original)
- Nouvel outil v1.7 PS3ISO corrigant une erreur dans la réservation d'espace

Version 2.85C
- Correction de la priorité d'initialisation du réseau pour la mise à jour des covers
- Amélioration des animation de défilement des covers

Version 2.85B
- Amélioration de l'extraction de fichiers interne aux ISO dans le gestionnaire (obtention des ICON0.PNG, images ou autre PARAM.SFO, qui provoquait un blocage pour certains ISOS)

Version 2.85
- Ajout d'une option pour télécharger les covers PS3 depuis "Global Options -> Tools -> Download Cover"
- Dans "Options -> Game Update", vous pouvez mettre à jour/télécharger la cover du jeu actuellement sélectionné.
- Les Covers sont téléchargées depuis (Merci beaucoup à GameTDB pour le support ;) )
- language.ini est mis à jour avec 2 nouvelles chaines de caractère (Download Cover et Game Update)
- Quelques problèmes de permissions sur le hdd0 résolus.
- Rudirastelli PS3_ISO_TOOLS_V1.6B_U.rar supprimé car causait quelques problèmes avec la création d'ISOS (utilise makeps3iso.exe uniquement pour créer les ISOS)

Version 2.81
- Amélioration de la création des ISO (makeps3iso), qui résout le problème rencontré avec MGS4
- Amélioration d'Iris Manager afin qu'il ne mette pas à jour la taille libre des disques à chaque fois que vous changez le répertoire (qui ralentissait l'affichage des fichiers)

Version 2.80
- The ISOs now will take the title name from PARAM.SFO (so far took the file name)
and also will show the background image of the game in the Options dialog.

- New support for PSX Cobra / Mamba from "Disc-Less Payload" : works with the same versatility
as the old, but adding PSX support PSX for NTFS/EXTx units, thanks to the new plugin that allows
you to change up to 8 ISOs of PSX ( unplugging / replugging the device NTFS / EXTx in the latter
case to change iso)

Changes for PSX in Cobra / Mamba "Disc-Less Payload" mode with respect to the old are:

1) All Games now use the plugin by default. The games stored in /dev_hdd0 and /dev_usb00x
can use the old emulation (PSX payload) selecting "old_emu" or "old_netemu".

2) To eject/insert a disc, the changes are as follows (remember that only from the Cobra/Mamba
plugin in "Disc-Less Payload" mode) :

- If the game is in NTFS / EXTx, you must unplug / plug the USB device.

- If the game is stored in /dev_hdd0 or /dev_usb00x, it will use the first device found with a FAT
partition (device '/dev_usb' ) and if this fails, then it will use the first non-FAT USB device
connected (NTFS / EXTx for example) .

- Remember that unpluging the LED will flash

3) If the ps1_rom.bin is used and L2 button is held down on the pad when the game is launched,
it is also possible to run the rom from NTFS / EXTx without a CD to copy/delete the data from
the memory card that is using the game (this is useful for handling Internal_MC.VM1).
You must exit from the emulator after finishing, as the old PSX payload used.

4) Leaving the PSX emulator it is possible to launch the game from the disc, but in doing so,
the video will be set to PAL/NTSC depending on the region of your system, and you must select
the memory card from the emulator and keep in mind that if the game does not belong to your
region, it will freeze.

Version 2.74
Fixed problem with folder prefix "." . ISO tools in stock
Added RudiRastelli tools, updated (1.6BU)

Version 2.73
Fixed bugs in makeps3iso and its equivalent .
Removed download plugins from Iris Manager (I do not take responsibility for any interference with Iris Manager provoke plugins to have in the background, playing things: p)

Version 2.70
Added support ' Mamba ' for CFW 4.46 (not Cobra) and 4.53 ( Habib )
' Mamba ' is a version of the payload Cobra ( stage2 ) that can be launched from the Iris Manager itself to support ISOS and PS3 games and some of the features of Cobra payload ( load plugins internally, it ignores the list ) but does not support the PSP and PS2 emulators .
' Mamba ' is not exclusive to a possible CFW Cobra: Cobra detects whether a payload loaded and inhibited in that case. It can also be differentiated by sys8_mamba ( ) (if returned 0x666 , is Mamba ) .
Fixed some minor bugs ( file sizes shown on Archive Manager and disassembly / assembly BDVD forgotten XD)

version 2.65
Added DEX supports CFW 4.50 and 4.53
Added tools to create, extract and patch ISOS (Error 0x80010009 ) from PC ( with source code and compilable at least from MinGW and Cygwin )
Added the ability to create , copy, delete ISOS (except EXTx ) and extract from Iris ISOS Manager.
Added fix Error 0x80010009 for updates and ISOS (except EXTx ) from the "Check Files " option.
New rawseciso (source code is included in the rar . ) With some fixed bugs and improvements against errors ( even allows the disconnect / reconnect the device) , and includes support for hdd0 , USB00X through a new mode ( see launch_iso_game () in Iris Manager source ) code and a mixed mode file / list of sectors for the Build ISO ( see launch_iso_build () in Iris Manager source code).
In Archive Manager now supports all ISO Build ( FAT32/NTFS/EXTx ) devices and extensions detected mkv , avi , mp4 , ogm , mpg video and multimedia files to launch " Showtime" . .
Now the current game is saved to return to him during the game and drink the last game released for my connecting the device that contains it.
Added exception in the Archive Manager to detect if an ISO is launched from a " BDISO " folder is taken as Bluray Video.
Fixed several bugs like filenames too long in Archive Manager and added other small details and optimizations ( such as now when a device with NTFS partitions / EXTx is detected, the USB icon appears blue during the time waiting before mounting )

Version 2.60
Support functions + Cobra CFW 4.46 Rogero for ISOS
Improved the preview icon in Archive Manager (pre-displayed icon in / dev_hdd0/games without going into the folder)
Added Quick press START + L2 to enter the Archive Manager, you will now have a more frequent use. If parental control is enabled, only allows non-hazardous use Archive Manager (ISOS mount Cobra mode and so on)

Version 2.58
Archive Manager (File Manager):
- Added vertical split by default in windows A and B from resolution 720P (to switch between vertical/horizontal, press L2/R2).
- Added .png/.jpg small viewer pressing X on these files.
- Added automatic display of ICON0.PNG when we list from game directory (GAMEZ, GAMES) passing through the game folder (the viewer uses the path - "game folder"/PS3_GAME/ICON0.PNG to show it.
- Fixed error of recurring copy when copy to the same unit, at a lower level folder.
- Added libntf_ext latest changes that allow to use functions like fopen() for NTFS/EXTx drives.
NOTE: remember that NTFS/EXTx support only works in Archive Manager: to install .PKG proceed from there.

version 2.56
- Added support for devices with NTFS (Windows, read/write)) and EXT2/3/4 (Linux, read only) from "Archive Manager".
- Added support for PS3_GM01 with BDEmu activated

Version 2.68u (non officiel)
Arabic language has been added (Thanks to Haider Kiara)
Persian language has been removed
(Due to poor translation, it was unnecessary to include it. Will be added back later if some users kindly got the result)
Automatic recognition of language (beta)
PAYLOAD mode DISCLESS pre-activated (Fake BD) for CFW's 3.55 / 4.30 / 4.46
New background color: Deep Ruby, Color Ocean, Razzmic Berry and Rich Electric Blue
Fixed minor bugs for better stability
Payload 4.50 (Thanks to REIZA72 for the lv1/lv2 dump, IDA PRO and Kakaroto for the lv2_dump_analyser)

Version 2.51
-Added support CFW 4.46 (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20.) Thanks to Rancid - o and company)
Note: Has not been tested by my e don't know if needed additional patches in Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. I'm still in 4.40 MiralaTijera... so give a try it and if there are problems, we will see that it can be

-Updated languages Chinese simplified/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and added Portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

-Added access to menus of options (SELECT and START) by parental control lock to prevent children from accessing these options: If the parental control for the games is set between 1 and 8 inclusive pressing these buttons, display a message instead.

Version 2.50
This is the last version (for the time being) hence i will “partially” retired or so to speak: I will not be so active as was until now. (Unless in case of “extreme” need to fix something and i hope now with the new GUI other people will venture to keep up to date and make it better.
I’ve done all the impossible giving to the end user all the tools and resources needed but it’s time to take a break and start to do other things. Maybe some will become active (while im gone) if someone want to adding things.

1) Added a charger to separate the app and isolate it of patched LIBFS, though this can open another “gaps”.

2) Added to FTP: Net status check and warning messages in case of error.

3) New GUI: (with this format) “Running icons” (note: im not sure about this one..) you can access from Global options -> Change Current GUI, with some nice new background colors with a soft decal.

New Controls:

DPAD LEFT/RIGHT: Moves a position from left to right or just to the right.

L1/R1: Go up or down jumping a position series inside icons.

DPAD UP: Switches Favourites/Games

DPAD DOWN: Change to Games, alto games order in this way: (showed on your screen center-down):

PS3 – PSX : Shows all games in alphabetical order.

PS3 > PSX: Shows first PS3 games in alphabetical order and then PSX ones (alphabetical order also) This separates in groups and show us PS3 games first.

PSX > PS2: Shows PSX games in alphabetical order and THEN PS3 ones (also PS3 games in alphabetical order).

Selected option gets stored: Notice that it’s not the same as pressing L3/R3

Favourites mode:

We still have 12 and you can add/remove from options or exchange positions just pressing L2 and TRIANGLE.

Info on your screen:

Up – Left: Favourite mode / Games (actual game / total amount of games)

Up – Center: Game title.

Up – Right: Connected dispositives. Yellow (color) it’s the one who contains actual game. (Note: or shows).

Down – Left: Game configuration, if a BR with a disc, Direct boot with an arrow, BD Emu o LIBFS.
Down, actual date/hour of the system.

Down – Center: Icon order mode.

Down – left: Server FTP icon active, temperature info, etc.

Icon refresh:

Top still 12 on the showcase you will see only from 5 to 7, performance of icons is better. Hence this happens from HDD0 (hardrive) and then USB and last BDVB on background.

This system was made thinking about achieve speed and agility when you want to search for a game.

Version 2.45
1) Added German as a language (thanks toto67)
2) New update Simplified and Traditional Chinese (thanks Liqianyu)
3) Fixed a bug that disallowed games bigfile external USB disk to internal (in cache). We have included a small correction for those games that do not have more than one cached bigfile. Also added warning if it comes to launching the game with BD Emu ON (exite cache inconsistency between games and BD Emu)
4) Added a number of improvements to the FTP server: now warns if you exit the application (attention, if it comes with PS button will not tell) and FTP is conducting a delete function, reading, writing... covering up to 10 seconds from the operation.
It is also equipped with some error messages for that function fails if the network is not started or misconfigured occasional change.
5) Added a new thread manager to perform background tasks, such as icons recharge, now is not done at once, if not staggered. With this, the program gains agility when changing pages.
6) Some users have notified me that REX Rebug 4.21.2 CFW does not work when you press the PS event, so I've gone back to the old method for this firmware.
To mount with Disc-Less need without plugging a device to force an event right in the process that should receive. For that it is necessary to know the Event ID before hand but users are reporting to me and that I do not know the ID or using one that others do not work (in 4.21.2 using an ID that I found)
For this reason it would be desirable to send me the Event ID generated when you plug a USB device for each firmware to know them.

Version 2.41
1) Italian language update (thanks to AlexanderPs3Mod)

2) Added Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages support ​​(thanks Liqianyu)

3) Added syscall 879 emulation (Bd Media ID) for DiscLess Payload

4) Improved discless mode in 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30 CEX CFW . With a USB device, it mounts on exit; without USB device, use the "PS" in Iris Manager to display the disc. If your CFW requires mounting a USB device for disc-less, remember that pressing START (Global Options) and then SELECT display and record the generated Event ID

5) Added fixed DEX and CFW 4.41 payloads, corresponding to patches from PS3 Ita Fan Control Manager (thanks to Zz_SACRO_zZ , Rancid- o for contributing and greetings to the rest of the ps3ita Team for initiating a project based in Iris Manager)

6) Also added the method to fix Error 0x80010009 in CFWs sharing the same keys (from 4.21 to 4.41) when a executable is greater than that of CFW. In this case, I made a custom implementation code from Ita PS3 Team:

- The games and updates are patched to use "Check Files" option (Test Game) that in my opinion, is the right choice for this

- Instead of using fixed offsets to read the version, its taken from the SELF / SPRX header offset to prevent a possible change in position of the data (which would leave the executable unusable) and simplify the routine, which will serve to all executables.

- Instead of patching to version 3.41 which can lead to confusion and perhaps create problems in the future, we patching the same version of the detected CFW . This way, it always informs a compatible version with the same keys.

- It manages all file errors that may occur.

7) Using Sandungas suggestion, it uses / dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers and / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ/covers as potential places to find cover art to avoid duplication of data between Iris and Multiman. Iris will not look for covers on external drives because the process will be slow and complicated and we can all easily copy (using the File Manager) content to the internal disk.

Version 2.40
1) Updated Italian language (thanks AcidBuRn1)
2) Fixed error in the definition of a variable in the FTP which made the console will turn off when not using the remote, but was transferring files
3) Further improvement for PSX emulator that eliminates the need to modify usleep () changing it to a method that allows syscalls redial as often as desired [****y] (and thus be able to step calls conflicted by enter the syscall loop to change the turning point)
4) Added in the menu “Tools” tool “Fan & USB Wakeup Control”.
- Allows control of satellite payload temperatures, System Manager (sm.self) in Miralatijera 4.40 CFW + Core 3.3.0, by the SYSCON or speed set by the user (option “By User and speed in” User / Shutdown Speed ​​”.
- Displays real time information of the temperatures, fan speed mode and current.
- Allows you to set the behavior of the Payload / S. Manager adjusting speed / temperature to suit the user and reset defaults and remember the values ​​set (“Set Settings” and record the values ​​fixed)
- From System Manager (sm.self) to set a time (or disable) in steps of 10 seconds for the utility writes a file on the USB device in use and avoid “sleep” for lack of activity

Version 2.35
Ported all console presentation to support UTF8 instead of ANSI
Added improvements to "Archive Manager": ability to edit LV2, RAM, select a piece of code, copy it (max 1MB), paste it on other place(file/memory), use it to find matches (max 512 bytes) or create a new file with that content.
Added procedure Write HTAB (thanks to Miralatijera for the assembly code) to make LV2 executable and other stuff [+ laughs]
Added Disc-less mode that runs games from a simulated disc in XMB, using BD EMU, patched explore_plugin and patched libfs, has successfully launched all the games I've tried, without addressing /APP_HOME in CFW 4.40 Miralatijera. This mode doesn't work for those who have a broken BD-Drive or don't have a working lector

Version 2.30
Fixed problems with recent CFW 4.40 (/ APP_HOME on Rogero v1.03)
Added some cosmetic changes to the GUI and full UTF8 support (now support Arabic characters, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Korean, etc. using system fonts)

Version 2.22b
- Correction du payload pour le cfw 4.40.

Version 2.22
- Ajout du Payload pour le CFW 4.40 Miralatijera.

Version 2.21
- Ajout du Payload pour 4.30 DEX.
- Mise à jour de l'outil explore_plugin patché pour afficher l'icône d'un disque BR et le mot jeu "Game" dans le XMB au lieu de "/ app_home/PS3_GAME" (d'un point de vue fonctionnel, sa ne devrait pas changer quoi que ce soit: c'est seulement pour distinguer lorsqu'ils sont utilisés d'une manière ou autre)

Version 2.20
- Nouvelle charge v8 syscall éliminant le syscall 36 et utilisé à la place à 8 redirections. Les 8 œuvres dans un syscall caché dans les applications, respectant ainsi l'utilisation d'autres qui donne le syscall 8 dans certains firmwares (LV1 Peek)
- Ajout de la méthode pour Multiman disque moins de / app_home (merci pour les commentaires DeanK comment cela fonctionne). Cela augmente la compatibilité.
- Ajout de la méthode explore_plugin.sprx patché pour lancer les jeux de la route / dev_bdvd lors de la sélection / app_home/PS3_GAME. Cette méthode se connecte lorsque "Aucun contrôleur BDVD" et exige que chaque module CFW patché (voir explore_plugin_notes.txt sein patch_tools_libfs_exploreplugin.rar). Grid est un jeu à ce jour.
- Correction de tous les problèmes (fucking) et d'autres productions, comme des disques d'authentification basées sur l'utilisation CFW 3.41, 3.55, 4.21 et 4.31 (oui, je suis allé à eux tous)
- Maintenant HDD0 montures sont plus sûrs, tant pour la méthode avec laquelle on peut y accéder seulement "/ dev_bdvd" en lecture.
- Ajout de la possibilité de redémarrer en appuyant sur triangle sur l'écran principal
- Iris Manager fonctionne maintenant de deux manières, en pensant à ceux qui ont BDVD unité opérationnelle et les sans-voix.
- Nouveau homelaunc1 (vous devez installer parce que le premier ne fonctionne pas)

Version 2.15
- Fixed problem of authentication in PS3 discs when copying: if a problem occurs, the disc is ejected and auto load again, but has added a check for that to happen as little as possible or simply not happen.
- Added SQUARE button to eject / load disk.
- Now the disc into the tray stops after two minutes of inactivity approximate.
- Added L3/R3 to change category of games. Now, L2/R2 buttons don’t have any function.
- Added libnet with syscall and jjolano FTP v2.3 (there is a version 3.0 with improvements, but I do not have the source code (If you know where to obtain it, let me know). The 2.3 is the one on github)
- Added new system font with Japanese characters (and Western) to display the title of the game (you can’t add Japanese language on Iris with this method: it’s just for game titles)
- Some tweaks on psx_payload

Version 2.11
Fixed problem with usleep in PSX emulator
Fixed problems with truncated UTF8 strings
Fixed a problem when exiting the application after using the keyboard osk

Version 2.01
Includes Norwegian as a language
Added UTF-8 to ANSI string conversion in languages (this is important because any code above 128, was converted incorrectly)

Version 2.00
Ported to PSL1GHT v2
Added languages to the application (Press START, select “Tools” and changes the language in the second option). “Custom (from file)” read the language.ini from Iris Manager folder.
Copy, delete, and fix files are now working in appropriate form
FTP now truncates the file when it creates one.
Added in “Tools” one new option “With/Without BDVD Controller. This is one new option thinking in 3.41

Version 1.53
- Added check size when copying games (for the HDD if it is greater than the size + 1GB, aborts, in the case of USB if it is greater than the size + 1MB gives the possibility to abort).
- Added the default BD-Emu not mount the HDD: now you have two options, new and old, with a touch more later.
- Some parts of the code have been retouched, if influence random crashes when starting the program.
- The patch tools have been unified in the same zip file.

Version 1.50.5
- Ajout du support pour PSX iso, modifie psx.c, psx.h, storage.h, utils.c (pour prendre les jeux de PSXGAMES).
Suivi principale: la recherche "(1 << 23)" et / / "ajouter PSX iso". get_icon () peut retourner 2, indiquant la présence d'iso et cover.jpg dans ce
affecte les fonctions qui montrent ce particulier
- Ajout d'une protection dans les routines LoadTextureJPG () et LoadTexturePNG () si celles-ci dépassent le 4 Mo (1024x1024 pixels)
- Suppression de toutes les sys8_perms () (ou commenté dans certains cas) sauf la touche main.c

- IMPORTANT: J'ai joué toutes les charges utiles, à savoir les fonctions "installer / désinstaller Poke nouvelle et memcpy" pour ajouter représentants
si le cache d'instructions en touches cojoncillos LV2 ... est probablement le motif du signalement des accidents sporadiques 3,55
mais peut-être que nous devrions ajouter la même méthode pour pokes qui sont faites en LV1

Version 1.49.1 (traduction automatique)
- Maintenant, pour avoir une heure de temps d'arrêt dans Iris console hors tension
- Comme je l'ai dit, alarme de température Iris: 90 secondes sans que la température descend en dessous de 80 ° C dans les deux CPU ou RSX et la console est éteinte.
- L'ajout du disque allows're rappel pas constamment vérifier s'il existe un disque et il permet au lecteur de se reposer.
- Ajout du support pour libfs.sprx redirection: copie par ftp ou via usb (usb :/ pénètre dans l'iris) libfs_patched.sprx, qui est généré par patch_libfs.bat (! Ne pas oublier de mettre les clés dans le dossier de données) et des jeux comme COD4: MW pour fonctionner à partir interne BD-Emu montage
- Dans Outils (appuyez sur START) la fonction "Copier de / dev_usb / Iris Iris dans le dossier" va rendre la vie plus facile à faire bouger les choses dans le répertoire d'installation du gestionnaire de l'iris. Par exemple, si vous mettez "couvre" de Multiman dans le dossier USB, vous copiez votre propre contenu ou libfs_parched.sprx nous avons parlé. L'option utilise une copie asynchrone à gagner de la vitesse.

Version 1.46.3
- Italian language added, thanks to Zz_SACRO_zZ
- Added fix for the 0x8001003C error (incorrect version in sys_load_param). The error occurs in newer games/game updates such as Sports Champions 2 (thanks to Nicola for pointing out the error)

Version 1.46
- Added the patch for 4.30 Rebug LV1 CEX to prevent the "panic shutdown" bug from occurring
- Improved recognition of PSX discs

Version 1.45
- Support for firmware 3.41, 3.55 fixed, 4.21 adds DEX

- Fixes installer PKG

- Added new background colors with automatic selection of "flicker" or not. These changes are minor and I hope that you accept as is XD. Basically, if you use the first four colors is selected icon as you let him, but if you select the 4 new (2 are the same as those you use your) changes to flashing mode so clever

Salgo minor bug or market, this is the last change I have thought to do that is not related with the ISOS.

v1.38 – r94 (commit 3f4fd0b1d7ffe038a7b8a5ef3a24c702c3105bc6)
Little changes on selected game (a slowly flash).

v1.37 – just source released on git – 23 Dic 2012 (Estwald)
New tools to install pkgs without restart (on the Iris Tools menu)

v1.35 – just source released on git – 22 Dic 2012 (Estwald)
HDD DB Emu support.
New ftp code with new perms.

v1.30 – just source released on git – 17 Dic 2012 (Estwald)
Launch PKG (unpackaged) form an external device. Supports Homebrew and PSN Native apps.

Version 1.2 - r57
- Game Opt – Support for external EBOOTS activated (see readme).
- Game Opt – Removed Perms option (We dont need this on 3.55)
- Game Opt – New option to mark BDVD required games.
- Interface – Support for left analog stick (thx Drizztz)
- Interface – Support for change page with L1/R1 (suggested by orma)
- Interface – Minor font and color changes.
- Cache Files – Added info of space saved before init the copy.
- Minor bugs fixed from last 1.1
- PKG – IrisManager PKG for Geohot/Wutangrza CFW (thx Drizztz)
- Drizztz joined as collaborator.

Version 1.1 - r45
+ Added Suport for more Big Files (ported from hmanager 1.5)
+ Added Suport for game instalation (GAMEI) on USB (ported from hmanager 1.5)
Not working with instalation game up to 4gb (usb-fat32)
+ Added a "no music" option :P
+ New interface (thx deadroach for help and the mockup)
+ New icons (thx Drizztz)
+ New font: comfortaa

Ainsi, il ajoute les fonctionnalités suivantes au HManager original :
- Support du lancement des jeux avec des gros fichier depuis le disque externe (en mettant en cache les gros fichiers sur le disque interne) - Icone rouge
- Nouvelle syscall8 et nouveau "hook" développé avec un algorithme open_table sur 3.55
- Support des Black Screen Games (BDEmu).

Hmanager, qui comprenait les fonctionnalités :
- Comme Open Manager, ça permet le chargement de jeux à partir du disque dur interne et externe, d'un bluray, mais également de copier, tester ou supprimer un jeu.
- Inclus le payload psgroove-hermesv4D avec le self signé.
- Ca affiche un écran de 4x3 icônes présentant les jeux (à la manière d'uLoader).
- Ceci permet l'ajustement de l'écran, du dossier de jeu et du changement de la couleur d'arrière plan.
- Il réduit le nombre de boutons utilisés pour réduire la possibilité d'erreur de manipulation faite en appuyant sur le mauvais bouton (fait pour les enfants).
- Inclus un support FTP (OpenPS3FTP), la possibilité de bloquer les syscalls (via une clé interne: il est recommandé de compiler le programme et de changer cette clé "hmanager_key" pour une autre. Il est également possible de lancer PS3LoadX directement.
- Possibilité de remplacer les EBOOT.BIN de nouveaux jeux avec un fichier externe.
- Les paramètres de jeux sont sauvegardés dans un dossier séparé.
- Permet de lancer les jeux avec des fichiers de plus de 4Go sur le disque dur externe en copiant temporairement ces fichiers sur le disque interne au moment de jouer au jeu.

irismanager-4-x.rar : officiel : source :
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