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[PC]PS3 NOR/NAND Statistic (Beta)

Messagepar Attila » Mar 23 Avr 2013 15:16

imageVous avez un dump de nand/nor et vous voulez avoir des infos sur celui-ci ? Dans ce cas, PS3 NOR/NAND Statistic est fait pour vous! Ce logiciel va vous informer sur diverses choses concernant le dump, et vous dit s'il est corrompu.



NOR/NAND statistics
NOR/NAND patching
NOR/NAND byte swapping
NOR/NAND infos
NOR/NAND validation
NOR/NAND extraction

This tool works different than other validators. Instead of outputing a full log, it will output an error.log, if validate is checked. But see for yourself.

Always patching 3.55 is recommended to see if the patched statistic is right/green.

ckp_management_ID values have to be equel as well as per_console_nonce.
(should be stated in error.log if not)

There is one easy rule! If the error.log contains an entry, your dump is definetly broken!

Ros section is excluded from validation. Why? It´s easy to repair, the hole section gets patched anyway and it leads to the rule above.

For NAND all known sections gets checked. But a big part is not or only rarely documented. So the hole part after cvtrm, cell_ext_os_area, OtherOS and unreferenced area at the end won´t be checked. It´s very important that you have look at the statistics and the “corrupt block count” of flowrebuilder when interleaving.

It´s always recommended to check dumps manually with an hexeditor, and using other tools for validation, to be as save as possible!
As long as it is not possible to decrypt the full dump, it`s impossible to validate it to 100%.

Keep in mind this is only beta.

NOR_NAND_Statistic_BETA.rar officiel :
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