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[PC/MAC]PS3 Multi Tools (PS Multi Tools) v12.0.3 par SvenGDK

Messagepar Attila » Mar 23 Fév 2016 16:46

imagePS3 Multi Tools par SvenGDK (à ne pas confondre avec PS3 Multi Tool) est une application permettant diverses choses liées au hack PS3 comme télécharger des OFW, CFW, un téléchargeur d'homebrew etc.


Version 12.0.3
PS Multi Tools - Fixed: application was still running in the background with no form visible
PS3 Library - No more exception when copying no game
PS3 Library - Tooltips on icons
PS3 Library - Changelogs can now be loaded
PS2 Library - No more exception when copying no game
PS2 Library - No more exception when extracting no game
PS2 Library - No more exception when compressing no game
PS2 Library - Tooltips on icons
PS2 Library - Changelogs can now be loaded

Version 12.0.2
PS Multi Tools - Library Update now working properly (did not reload newest build)
PS Multi Tools - Application Update now downloading correct file
PS Multi Tools - Now closing properly from every form
PS Multi Tools - Downloader got a rework again (more details)
PS Multi Tools - Restart not more required if you want to manage another console
PS3 Library - PS1 to PS3 PKG Form now closing on "X"

Version 10.1
Some texts should now be better readable
NEW PS2 feature: Easy PS2 SMB Setup (Screenshot Above)

Version 10
- NEW Nature UI (Improvements, more effects, …)
- Added PS1 to PS3 converter
- Added PS2 Classics
- Updated old tools/homebrews
- Added new tools/homebrews

Version 9.0
- Added PARAM.SFO Editor
- Added 2 more themes (BlueMoon, ComicColor)
- Added MD5 Checker (Get MD5 of a file / Compare 2 files’s MD5 Hash / Check MD5 Hash with aldostools MD5-Database)
- Opened PS Vita section
- New Reporter (More features added)
- New Offline Mode (Use PS Multi Tools offline – most features are disabled)
- Other fixes (Translation fixes, missing setup languages, bad coding, …)

Version 8.5
Removed the PS Multi Tools Mainmenu to replace it completely with the PS Live Menu.
Complete cleanup (Removing unused things, cleaned unused code, ...)
Full PS Multi Tools and PS Live Menu translations for German, French, Luxembourgish, Português brasileiro*, Spanish* and Nederlands, other languages still need to be manually translated.
MyPS Advanced (Customize PS Multi Tools - Themes ... )
Realtime notifications (If I just updated something, I will let you know )
Replaced the black box on the console selection form to a new PS Multi Tools Quick-Setup

*To use this language, please select it under MyPS->Additional PS Multi Tools Languages

PS. Please report all errors via the Reporter in MyPS.

Version 8
- FTP Features (Browse, upload, download …)
- PKG Features (Pack, unpack, sign, decrypt …) via PS PKG File Manager
- New EBOOT Database (Can be opened on NormalMenu->Multi Tools->EBOOT Database)
- DOStoPS3 is reavailable (Can be opened on NormalMenu->Multi Tools->DOS Game to PS3 Game Converter)
- Added 58 more EBOOTs (More EBOOTS will be added auto.)
- Updated: Selector
- Fixed: The “games” should now work perfectly, now loading unpacked PKGs too
- Removed: CheckPSMT, Unused configs

Version 7
- MULTILANGUAGE (12 languages can be “installed”, 4 are already included) * more infos on the bottom
- For PS Multi Tools also a tiny size reduction as PS3 Lite Tools
- New Icon (New icon from v6.5r2 updated)
- New Loading Form
- Updated Start Form
- Updated action buttons
- Updated all Form Icons
- Some other Form changes …

- Fixed: Reporter will now submit messges with the option “Other”
- Fixed: Sign pkg file

- DELAYED: Mac OS X version
- DELAYED: PS3 Live Menu 1.0 release (will be downloaded automatically on release)

Version 6
PS3 Multi Tools:

- Added 3 new firmwares
-> Rogero 4.21 CFW v1.09
-> E3 4.30 CFW
-> 4.25 DEX OFW

- Added Keys stuff for decrypting, encrypting, cracking and all this things
- Added E3 Flasher stuff like tutorials, updates, upgrades and tools

- Added 3 more Windows Tools
-> SixAxis for Windows
-> Split4G
-> PSN Download Manager

- Added 6 more Homebrew Apps
-> Custom ps3usercheat v2.3 + cheatlist.dat v6.1
-> Minimal Downgradable FW Checker
-> blackb0x FTP 1.2 for 4.21
-> Comgenie Awesome Filemanager for 4.21
-> dev_blind for 4.21
-> reActPSN for 4.21

- Other updates
-> multiMAN 04.08.00 now available for PS Multi Tools v4+

- Fix: ALL Games should now be in the list when opening a gamesfolder

PS2 Multi Tools:

- Fix: Copying PS2 Games to HDD now works perfectly (v5.5r2 is just a hotfix)

Version 5.5
NEW: PS2 now officially fully supported!
NEW: PS3 EBOOTS added (Full List Here:

Assassins Creed Revelations
Battlefield 3 for BLES01275 and BLUS30762
Call of Juarez: The Cartel for BLUS30795
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Dirt Showdown
Max Payne 3
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Prototype 2 BLES01532
Ray man Origins BLUS30836
Street Fighter X Tekken

NEW: Added 2 more PS3 Windows Tools (SCE Tool v0.2.8 & WinRAR)
FIXED: Multi Tools -> Exit
FIXED: DOStoPS3 should work now
FIXED: Moving your mouse over the DownloadInfo Button (Mainform of PS3 Tools) will now show the right text
FIXED: Moving your mouse over the CopyInfo Button (Mainform of PS3 Tools) will now show the right text
UPDATED: Report submission improved.
UPDATED: Files will not more automatically downloaded
UPDATED: Some Packages got again an update. (It seems like some packages were not up-to-date?!)

Version 4 finale
- La version finale 4 tourne de nouveau sous Mac OS X avec CrossOver et .NET Framework 2.

Version 4 bêta
- Mode plein écran.
- Changement de style.
- Charge les fonds d'écrans (PIC0/PIC1) et icônes (ICON0/ICON1) du dossier de jeu.
- De nouveau pour Windows XP, Vista (Mac OS X sur la version non bêta).
- Correction d'un vieu bug de chargement d'image.
- Ajout du firmware officiel 3.72.
- Ajout de quelques émulateurs.
- Mise à jour de OpenPS3FTP.
- Ajout d'identifiants pour les développeurs (plus d'informations plus tard).
- Multitâche avancé.
- Rapporteur avancé.
- Outil de signature de PKG supprimé pour les utilisateurs normaux.
- Suppression des firmwares officiels 3.41, 3.51 et 3.6x pour les utilisateurs normaux.
- Hashs MD5 supprimés complètement (temporairement ?).
- Suppression d'autres serveurs.

Version 3.5
- Only for Windows 7!
- MultiMAN Logo Updated
- PSP Management updated:
> New Design
> User friendly
- MultiMAN updated

Version 3.1
- Added PSP Support
-> Detects if you plugin PSP
-> Read played and stored games from your PSP
-> Simply copy your emulators, converted PSX- or normal PSP-Games to your PSP with 1 click (They will stored on the correct folders)
-> Download CFW
-> Download Emulators

Version 3.0
Complete new XMB design
Now running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Offcial Firmware 3.41, 3.55 & 3.66 added
Package signing fixed (Not working on Mac)
Kmeaw 3.55 CFW added
Detailed game description will be shown
Added CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL Custom Firmware
Added more Homebrew:
- OpenPS3FTP always the newest version (Kmeaw & Geohot)
- QA Flagging Tools: flag, reset flag & extra flag
New Settings added: Show MD5 Hashes

Note: package_finalize.exe risque d'être détecté comme virus. Il s'agit selon l'auteur d'un faux positif inoffensif.

PS Multi Tools v12.0.3.rar officiel :
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